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When Should I Take My Puppy to a Trainer? 

When Should I Take My Puppy to a Trainer? 

When Should I Take My Puppy to a Trainer? 

Having a new puppy in the home is like welcoming a bundle of joy into your family—puppies are adorable, cuddly, and full of lots of love to go around. But as soon as the initial euphoria of a new puppy wears off, it could be quickly replaced by frustration and disbelief about how much work a puppy is! Between accidents in the house and chewed-up personal items and furniture, you may be wondering what you were thinking and what you’ll do. At Happy Pup Manor, we believe that puppy training is an effective solution that can stimulate your pup and put your woes to rest. Here’s what you should know about when you should take a puppy to a trainer—

The Advantages of Puppy Training

Puppy training can help to curb bad behavior, teach good behavior, and learn commands. There are many advantages to this, including—

  • A puppy that knows where to go to the bathroom and how to ask to be let outside
  • A puppy that loves its crate
  • A puppy that knows not to jump, counter surf, bite, or bark
  • A puppy that’s great at meeting new people and other dogs
  • More trust in your puppy and a great bond between you two

What Will a Puppy Learn from a Trainer?

At Happy Pup Manor, we focus on teaching basic obedience commands and good manners. Here’s what your puppy will learn from our trainers:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Place
  • Leave it

In addition to the above commands, we will also work on crate training, house training, barking, puppy biting and mouthiness, and jumping. If there are specific behaviors that you need to correct or want your puppy to learn, please talk to us! 

At What Age Can I Take My Puppy to a Trainer?

We take dogs up to age three, but always recommend starting training as early as possible. The best time to start training puppies is before 12 weeks. While puppies are certainly trainable after 12 weeks, most pups don’t yet have naughty behaviors that need to be unlearned prior to this age, making training especially effective. 

Enroll Your Puppy in Training at Happy Pup Manor Today

If you have a new puppy, do something for both yourself and your new pup—enroll your pup in puppy training at Happy Pup Manor. Dogs love our training program and our manor, which features a five-acre fenced yard for running and a large manor for exploration. Call us directly or send us a message online to learn more and enroll today!

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