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Welcome to Sunshine Acres: A Haven for Doodle Enthusiasts

Welcome to Sunshine Acres: A Haven for Doodle Enthusiasts

Welcome to Sunshine Acres: A Haven for Doodle Enthusiasts

Sunshine Acres is set in Wolcott, Indiana, a hidden gem for any dog lover! This breeder specializes in medium goldendoodles, standard goldendoodles, medium Irish goldendoodles, standard Irish goldendoodles, medium Bernedoodle, Standard Bernedoodle, medium Irish Bernedoodles, standard Irish Bernedoodles, Moyen poodles and Standard poodles ranging in sizes from from 30 – 65 pounds, with most being between 40 to 55 pounds, from a fleece coat to a curly coat focusing on the beautiful, lush deep red to tri blue merle colors.

Quick notes of the breeder:

  • Early neurological stimulation and crate/kennel training when age appropriate

  • Health tested: DNA and OFA hips, elbows, heart, and eyes

  • Deposit: $500 refundable deposit until puppy picked day

  • Three-year health warranty

  • Price: $3000 to $3900 and 7% sales Indiana tax

Current Pricing and Policies:

Most puppies cost $3,000, except a purebred poodle is $3200 and an Irish bernedoodle is $3,900, plus 7% Indiana sales tax. You will not find mini goldendoodles being bred.

This specific breeder offers something that is unusual in the industry. Once your puppy passes the AKC canine good citizen test, the breeder will return $200 to you! Now that’s putting their money where their mouth is! They are committed to raising well-mannered and trainable dogs.

Puppy Picking Process:

Prospective owners are encouraged to contact them by filling out a detailed puppy application and then place a $500 refundable deposit. This system, coupled with a waitlist based on deposit order, ensures that families are perfectly matched with a bernedoodle puppy or goldendoodle puppy that suits their needs.

The selection typically happens when litters are between 4 to 6 weeks old. Future families are invited to come in person to pick the perfect personality that will suit their lifestyle, marking an exciting phase in the journey of bringing a new family member home. Once families choose their puppy, the $500 deposit becomes nonrefundable.

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Raising Goldendoodle Puppies with Care, Socialization, and Expertise

At Sunshine Acres, puppies are nurtured with the utmost care and attention. They are introduced to neurological stimulation and other socialization techniques. Inspired by Jan Fennell’s “The Dog Listener,” the puppies are exposed to various experiences and interactions, fostering their trainability and intelligence. This plays a crucial role in shaping the puppies’ personalities and adaptability.

Comprehensive Breed Specific Health Testing

Sunshine Acres emphasizes health in their breeding, conducting thorough testing certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and DNA. They follow ethical breeding practices and offer a 3-year health warranty, ensuring each dog’s well-being.

The extensive health testing of parents ensures that all litters are genetically sound and predisposed to a life free of common canine ailments ensuring the best possible start in life. This focus on health continues to extend to the puppies as they are monitored and cared for by veterinary professionals throughout their early life.

Designed to be a nurturing environment, the facility offers ample space for both play and rest, catering to the needs of the dogs. The breeding dogs, who play a crucial role, are given utmost importance. They are treated with the same love and care as the puppies.

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Breeding for Temperament, Intelligence, Trainability

A unique aspect of Sunshine Acres’ breeding program is the emphasis on temperament and intelligence. The carefully selected parent breeds are either field or confirmation lines and contribute to creating puppies with desirable traits – affectionate, smart, and easily trainable! All of which is needed for therapy dogs, service dogs, or a slightly more active puppy.

An Unusual Range of Doodles

  • Goldendoodles: Known for their friendly disposition and plush coats.

  • Irish Goldendoodles: A unique mix that combines the intelligence of the Poodle with the friendly nature of the Irish Setter and Golden Retriever.

  • Bernedoodles: A blend of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle, known for their loyalty and gentle personality. Also available as a rare Irish Bernedoodle puppy.

  • Standard and Moyen Poodles: Elegant, smart, and hypoallergenic, these puppies from Poodle parents are perfect for families wanting a hypoallergenic pet. Plus, their tails are natural, undocked – Yippie!

Irish Setters and field line Golden Retrievers, being working breeds, typically have higher energy needs due to their hunting and retrieving instincts. Therefore, puppies with Irish Setter or Golden Retriever lineage are generally more suited to active, rural environments rather than city living, compared to most Doodle breeds.


Sunshine acres offers various generations for their irish bernedoodle or irish goldendoodle puppies: F1 type 1, F1 type 3, and F1b. Their F1 type 3 Irish goldendoodle puppies typically have 1/4 golden retriever, 1/4 Irish setter and 1/2 poodle or 1/8 Irish setter, 3/8 golden retriever and 1/2 poodle.

The breeder focuses on F1 and F1b generation goldendoodles, avoiding multigenerational breeding to maintain temperament predictability. They also steer clear of mini Goldendoodles due to their unpredictable adult size. This approach is preferred for enhancing hybrid vigor and preserving the deep, rich red color in the puppies as they mature.

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Irish Doodle crosses and Grooming Maintenance

The breeder believes puppies with a mix of Irish Setter benefit from an easier-to-maintain coat because the Irish Setter’s typically single, smooth coat, which is known for its manageability and sleek appearance. Hopefully this will not only save you time brushing at home but also less trips to the groomer.

Proximity to Urban Centers

Situated in Wolcott, Indiana, breeder is conveniently located near major cities, offering easy access for a goldendoodle puppy. These cities include:

  1. Indianapolis, Indiana: 85 miles southeast

  2. Chicago, Illinois: 85 miles northwest

  3. Louisville, Kentucky: 190 miles southeast

A Family Operation Rooted in Passion

Since 2002, Sunshine Acres has blossomed into more than just a breeding facility; it’s a family-run haven for dogs. Michael, who grew up on an Iowa farm and specialized in genetics, pioneered the healthier doodle hybrid vigor.

Now based in rural Wolcott, Indiana, Michael’s family is integrally involved in every step, from selecting parent breeds to caring for the puppies. They invite potential owners to visit and meet their delightful Irish Goldendoodle puppies — pick up the phone to schedule an appointment!

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Happy Pup Manor Here to Make Life Easier

Adopting a new goldendoodle puppy is an exhilarating yet challenging adventure. We aim to facilitate a seamless integration of your new pup into your home, especially when it comes to interacting with children. This approach is designed to make your initial days with your puppy more delightful and less hectic.

At Happy Pup Manor, we provide the option of fetching your puppy from its breeder, or you can drop them off at our location. Our services cover everything from basic potty training to advanced therapy training. Feel free to contact us at 847-902-0773, and guide you along the way to the best pup you’ve ever had!

Your Next Family Member Awaits at Sunshine Acres

Choosing a new puppy from Sunshine Acres is a joyful journey to finding your new four-legged family member. They simplify the process, ensuring each pup is healthy, happy, and of the highest quality.

Take a moment to browse their Facebook or Instagram profiles. There, you can see if one of their adorable Goldendoodle puppies, or the rarer Irish Goldendoodles or Irish Bernedoodles, captures your heart and becomes your next cherished companion!

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