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We train pups to provide comfort and
support when needed.

Therapy Dog Training at Happy Pup Manor

Therapy dogs are specially trained dogs that go to a variety of places to bring comfort and joy to a lot of different people. Most commonly, these dogs visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools to bring some happiness to the people staying there.

These dogs are specially trained to allow just about anything to be done to them while they are working. They are trained to tolerate petting, erratic movements, and loud screaming by the people they visit. They can also be taught specialty tricks to make visits more fun for the people they are visiting.

How Are Therapy Dogs Different from Service Dogs?

Unlike a Service Dog that helps an individual owner perform specific tasks to live more independently, a therapy dog brings comfort and support to various groups of people. Therapy dogs do not have any special rights. They cannot fly in the cabin, go into public, or live in non-pet housing. They have to be certified by a therapy dog organization in order to visit most locations. According to most therapy dog programs; dogs must be a minimum of 1 year old to take a therapy dog test.

Can Any Pup Become a Therapy Dog?

It takes a special dog to be a therapy dog. It requires a dog that is very tolerant of the world around them, is not easily spooked, and absolutely loves people. The training team at Happy Pup Manor has extensive experience choosing puppies for therapy work. We can help you select the right puppy through our network of breeders that will be a perfect teammate for you!

How Long Does Therapy Dog Training Take?

The therapy dog training program at Happy Pup Manor consists of a total of 8 weeks of training. The training emphasizes high levels of obedience, working around distractions, having a strong “leave it” for toys and food, and allowing people to groom and cuddle them without stress. The puppy will come to join us at 8 weeks old for 4 weeks of obedience training, where we will expose the puppy to grooming and socialization to make sure the puppy is comfortable in many different situations. Then, when the puppy is 10-11 months old, the puppy will come back to Happy Pup Manor for the final 4 weeks to refine its skills and learn anything else it needs to learn to be a successful therapy dog. After the training time with us at Happy Pup Manor, we will bring your dog back to you and spend time with you teaching you how to use your dog’s new skills and how to become the best working team you can be before you take your official test.

Successful Therapy Dogs Start at Happy Pup Manor

At Happy Pup Manor, our specialization in working with Doodles, Retrievers, and similar breeds has allowed us to develop a high level of expertise in assessing the temperament and behavior of these pups, and aids in selecting animals with the greatest potential for success as a therapy dog. To learn more about our training programs, call us today – we love to talk puppy training!


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