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Training Essentials for New Puppy Owners

Training Essentials for New Puppy Owners

Training Essentials for New Puppy Owners

A well-behaved puppy is the best kind of puppy to have. Since young puppies are constantly learning from every experience they have, it’s best to start training as early as possible. Puppies are extremely malleable, which makes it easy to teach them to behave in the desired way. To make training as effective as possible, we recommend you set aside at least 30 minutes every day in 10-minute increments to train with your puppy. These training sessions will be short enough to keep your puppy’s short attention span and help them get into a structured schedule. Think about scheduling your training times before meals, as a hungry pup is always eager to learn!

To assist in your training process, Happy Pup Manor’s owner and lead trainer, Gabby, has put together a list of some of the best items to train your puppy with! Check them out below. Happy training!

Bait Bag

 Make training sessions easy and convenient with the Pet Safe Treat Pouch! Store your training treats, clicker, and other must-haves in this durable, multi-pocket pouch. With enough room for all the treats you’ll need for a training session, you’ll never have to worry about your pup performing a command and not have a reward for them. Line the pockets with disposable baggies to store even the smelliest treats – such as liver treats!

Zuke’s Dog Treats

These high-quality and soft treats are perfect for all your training needs. Zuke’s treats are made of natural ingredients and come in a variety of tasty flavors such as chicken, duck, peanut butter, and pork! Your pup will be excited to learn all their new commands and tricks when they get these yummy treats as a reward!

Pet Botanics Training Reward

 Puppies can get bored of the same treat over and over again, which is why it’s great to keep a variety of training rewards on hand. Pet Botanics Training Reward treats are another great option when you’re looking for training treats. These have a slightly different texture than the Zuke’s treats but are still tasty and nutritious for your pup. These come in a bag of 500 for convenient repetitive rewards.

Training Mat 

Training your pup not to react when visitors come over is important to maintain a calm household. Having a training mat where your pup can go to lay down and stay when guests are coming in and out of your home is essential. Be sure to give you puppy plenty of treats if they stay on their mat when guests come and go from your home. This helps reinforce the use of the mat and the calm behavior when visitors come knocking. Use something inexpensive, such as a bathmat, while your puppy is still growing. Once they have reached their full size, you can invest in something a little nicer and more substantial if you so desire.

Call Happy Pup Manor!

If you find that you don’t have the time to properly train your pup, or are having difficulties getting your pup to listen to your commands, call the team at Happy Pup Manor! Our experienced trainers are here to help your puppy grow to be a well-mannered pup. Get in touch today to discuss your pup and how we can help your training process! Call or fill out our online form to arrange a call that’s convenient for you.

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