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Top Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Top Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Top Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Bringing home a puppy for the first time is exciting. But dogs can be a lot of responsibility, and there are some things you should know ahead of time to prepare yourself for training and caring for your new family member. While a professional dog trainer can certainly help your dog learn good behaviors, it is just as important to take steps at home to ensure your dog remains happy and healthy.

  • Stay On Top of Physical Health: There are several different facets involved in maintaining your dog’s physical health, but many of them start at the vet. Talk to your vet about vaccinations, and make sure to schedule regular check-ups. A vet can also advise you on subjects like helping your dog maintain a healthy weight or applying regular flea and tick preventatives.
  • Get Plenty of Exercise: Regular exercise isn’t just good for helping your dog stay fit; most dogs also love going for walks and playing outside. Playing fetch with a tennis ball or frisbee is an easy way to exercise your dog at home. Alternatively, you might consider bringing your dog along hiking or for a walk on the beach. If you take this route, make sure to bring enough water and be aware of how much exposure your pup is getting to the sun.
  • Prioritize Socialization: According to the AKC, proper socialization (such as through training classes) helps puppies grow into more confident dogs. Socialization helps puppies develop positive associations with new people and experiences. By contrast, a lack of socialization may contribute to behavior problems.
  • Provide Toys…or a Job: It’s no secret that dogs love toys. Safe chew toys give dogs a way to keep themselves busy during the day, and gives them something to gnaw on that won’t get them into trouble. Giving your dog a job can also provide structure and keep them from getting bored. Consider teaching them simple tasks like picking up their toys or closing doors when you ask.
  • Work With a Trainer: Working with a dog trainer can be a great way for pet owners to encourage good behavior in their dogs. A trainer can help your dog learn basic commands and household manners to prepare them for a lifetime of companionship. Once your dog is well-trained, you can also bring them along for all kinds of fun adventures, from walks in the park to days out at the best dog-friendly patios in Chicago. 

Expert Dog Training at Happy Pup Manor

Keeping your dog happy and healthy requires attention not only to their physical health but also to socialization, training, and fun. In addition to the steps you can take at home, working with a professional dog trainer helps set a foundation for your dog to be their best self for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of training courses offered at Happy Pup Manor.

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