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Top 5 Closest Golden Doodle Wisconsin Breeders for the Chicagoland Family

Top 5 Closest Golden Doodle Wisconsin Breeders for the Chicagoland Family

Top 5 Closest Golden Doodle Wisconsin Breeders for the Chicagoland Family

Navigating the Path to Your Goldendoodle Puppy

If you have selected the Goldendoodle as the right fit for your family, you are now faced with another set of choices to pick the perfect best friend to add to your house:

  1. Different sizes: Ask your breeder to confirm the weight ranges they offer. Size down, if weight is a concern as I have met plenty of 65 lb mini goldendoodles. There is no standard, but these ranges are generally agreed upon.
  • Micro mini or petite goldendoodles 10-20 lbs
  • Mini goldendoodles 20-35
  • Medium Golden Doodles 35-50
  • Standard goldendoodles 55 and up
  1. Colors: Ranging from the traditional apricot all the way to the rarer merle coloring
  2. Coat texture: Golden doodles can have a popularized wavy fleece coat to a tighter curl like poodles.
  3. Generations: How much golden retriever and poodle in each of those furry babies?

An experienced breeder has raised hundreds of goldendoodles and can help families navigate all of these decisions and will help match your family’s needs to their pups. Chicago residents are in luck, as Wisconsin boasts several reputable goldendoodle breeders within a comfortable drive. Here are the five closest to Chicago in order of closest to farthest.

Midwest Labradoodle and Goldendoodle: Closest and a Bit Magical

The owner, Nicole, breeds dogs just 70 minutes and 65 miles away from Chicago. Renowned for focusing on health and well socialized puppies, Midwest Goldendoodle and Labradoodle offers a variety of size of multigenerational (non shedding) petite goldendoodles, mini goldendoodles and the occasional standard sizes and picked up from her family magic shop.

Milwaukee Doodles: From Golden Retrievers to Mini Goldendoodles

90 minutes and 90 miles from Chicago, Milwaukee Doodles stands out with its commitment to family-friendly puppies since 2006. Milwaukee Doodles breed mini goldendoodles and standard goldendoodles that are affectionate and well-suited to family life and they are raised in their home around their children.

Cedar Lake Doodles: A Scenic Drive to Your Pup

Just on the north side of Milwaukee, two hours and 125 miles away, Cedar Lake Doodles awaits. Amy, the owner, loves pairing each family with one of her furry kissable babies and provides a great experience with many videos on her social platforms as the puppies grow up!

Beck Kennel Goldendoodles: and Goldendoodle Acres: The Farthest, but Highly Regarded

Both situated approximately 3 hours and 190 miles from Chicago, Beck Kennel Goldendoodles and Goldendoodle Acres are the farthest drive, but have many 5 star review boasting their dogs! They both have a robust facebook page where you caught a peak of your future goldendoodle puppies on video or in some adorable pictures.

The Importance of Making the Right Choice

Remember, each puppy is truly unique, and distance is just one factor in your decision. Consider each breeder’s approach, the puppy’s individual traits, and how they fit into your lifestyle and family dynamics. These puppies will become your furry babies before long, and so going in fully informed is essential.


Health and Wellness: A Top Priority

All of these Wisconsin breeders are dedicated to raising healthy, happy goldendoodles! Ask each breeder about the genetic and OFA health testing performed on breeding pups.


  • What are the benefits of breeding dogs with a poodle? It helps to produce smart puppies that may be hypoallergenic and pass along their healthier genes to future generations.
  • How do goldendoodle sizes affect their needs? Size influences exercise and space requirements; smaller goldendoodles may be better suited for compact living spaces.

Potty Training and More at Happy Pup Manor

Regardless of your choice, early training and socialization are key. Happy Pup Manor offers specialized starter puppy training services all the way to therapy pups to ensure your goldendoodle puppy. A great choice for first time, puppy, owner, busy families, or if you have a pre-planed vacation.

Connect with us, Happy Pup Manor!

Have you visited any of these breeders, or have one of their goldendoodle puppies? We’d love to hear about your experiences! Click Here for our expert guidance that can help you choose the goldendoodle or breeder that’s a perfect for you.

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