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Tips for Introducing Your New Puppy to Your Family

Tips for Introducing Your New Puppy to Your Family

Tips for Introducing Your New Puppy to Your Family

There is a lot to do and think about before you bring your new puppy home. Puppy proofing is essential, as well as compiling all of the essentials your puppy will need for an easy transition into their new and exciting life. One major step you need to consider, especially if you have other pups at home, is how you plan to introduce your puppy to their new home. To prepare you to begin your puppy into your family, Happy Pup Manor has accumulated a few tips to help you out. 

Observe Interactions and Monitor Behavior

A puppy is still developing their communication skills in the first weeks in their new home, meaning they are not as aware of your older pup’s communication style as you are. To help during this transition period, always ensure you are watching your pups’ interactions and observing behaviors, especially in your older pup, until you are entirely comfortable with your new puppy’s ability to understand and acknowledge your pup’s signals.

Utilize Containment Options

Creating a safe space for both of your pups is a great way to give them a break from each other. This will be especially important for your older pup, as they will likely get overwhelmed with your puppy. Setting up a crate that includes favorite toys, comfortable items for them to lay on, and water and food dishes is a great way to not only get your new puppy used to being in their crate but will help calm the excitement of meeting their new best friend!

Do Not Punish!

Your new puppy is excited to start exploring their new home and get to know their new brother or sister, meaning they will likely run to your older pup right away. If your pup growls or exhibits standoffish behavior, do not punish them. If they are your only pup and have never had another puppy in their home, this will be a new experience for them, and will likely be unsure of how to proceed at first. 

Also, if your puppy isn’t picking up on your older pup’s signals to leave them alone, don’t punish them, either. As we mentioned, they are still learning how to communicate with pups outside of their mom and littermates, and it will take a little while for both of your pups to fully get to know each other’s communication styles. This is why it is essential to supervise the initial introduction and all subsequent interactions. To help your puppy develop their communication skills quicker, you can always reward good behavior when your pups interact.

Want to Prepare Your Puppy Even More?

While there is no sure-fire way to prepare your puppy for the life of love and happiness they have entered into, there are ways to help your puppy develop skills that make this exciting transition easier on the entire family. The trainers at Happy Pup Manor are more than happy to welcome your pup into our home and provide expert training. With programs ranging from 10-days to 8-weeks, we have something for your puppy. And, if your older pup is three years old or younger, we can offer foundational training for them as well. In our programs, your pup will learn simple commands such as stay, sit, and leave it, as well as manners training such as jumping, mouthiness, and leash walking. If you would like to discover more about what we can do for your pups, call Gabby! She is excited to learn about your pup and provide more information.

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