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Tips for Cutting Pet Care Costs 

Tips for Cutting Pet Care Costs 

Tips for Cutting Pet Care Costs 

Having a dog is certainly an investment in your happiness and wellbeing, but there’s also no doubt that having a pup can be expensive. Between veterinary, boarding, and grooming costs, as well as food, treats, and toys, the bills can quickly add up. Here are some tips for cutting your pet care costs while still providing your dog with excellent care—

Invest in Preventative Care

Just like with human health, one of the best ways to take care of your pup and your pocketbook is to invest in preventative care. This means spending money and time upfront to protect your dog’s health and wellbeing. For example, make sure you’re choosing a quality dog food (or vet-approved diet) for your dog, and don’t skimp on ensuring that they get enough exercise daily. You’ll also want to dog-proof your home to reduce the risk of preventable injuries and illnesses—make sure foods and products are kept out of reach, use dog/baby gates where needed, and teach your pup the rules early on. 

Consider Purchasing Pet Insurance

Another easy way to save money on your pup is to purchase pet insurance. If you have pet insurance, you’ll only have to pay your deductible and up to your policy’s out-of-pocket maximum when your pet needs medical care. Keep in mind that this can save some pet owners hundreds or thousands of dollars per year

Groom Your Dog at Home

While taking your dog to the groomer is nice—and may be something that’s necessary if you’ve neglected their coat for too long—in most cases, you can groom your pup at home and save a whole lot of cash. Your pup may also feel more comfortable in the home-based environment. Just be sure to do your research in advance so you know what’s necessary, and to invest in the proper grooming tools. 

Train Your Dog Well

A well-trained dog is a better-behaved dog; a better-behaved dog is a healthier, safer, and happier dog. Invest in training with your pup early on to establish good behaviors and reduce the risk of them getting into trouble. 

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At Happy Pup Manor, we know that you’re trying to save on costs when it comes to great care for your pup, which is part of why we offer and promote our results-oriented training programs and affordable boarding experience. To learn more about having your pup stay with us, reach out to us directly online or by phone today.

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