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The Importance of New Puppy Training

The Importance of New Puppy Training

The Importance of New Puppy Training

When bringing home a new furry friend, there’s a lot to think about. How will they adapt to their new home? Will they get along with other pets? When is the right time to start house training? A professional trainer can help guide you through this formative time in your young pup’s life with expert training courses. At Happy Pup Manor, we recognize the importance of getting started young, reinforcing good behaviors in your new puppy and setting them up for success. 

Professional Training for All Owners

If this is your first time bringing home a puppy, then getting help from a professional seems like a reasonable step to take. However, even experienced dog owners can benefit from the guidance of a professional. Dog trainers are professionals with unique skill sets to help your new puppy learn the ropes. Expert dog trainers know the best methods to instill good behavior in your pup, particularly the use of positive reinforcement to redirect negative behaviors.

Training a puppy early sets a foundation for them to continue to learn, and will begin to establish basic rules in the household. Early training will also help prevent bad behaviors from becoming habits that are more difficult to break later on. You can start training your pup with basic cues (like “sit”) as early as the time you bring them home around eight weeks old. 

At Happy Pup Manor, we go the extra mile by training in a home environment, giving your pup an immersive experience with everything from signaling that they need to go potty to interacting with other pets in the home. Training courses cover basic commands and household manners, like crate training or barking. However, if you intend to train your puppy as an Emotional Support Animal or therapy dog, we can help with that too. 

Obedience Classes Offer Socialization Opportunities

One of the most difficult parts of training a puppy on your own is providing enough opportunities for your pup to meet other people and dogs. Puppies who are exposed to a variety of new people and canines have been shown to be less nervous and experience less separation anxiety than those who hadn’t been, and obedience classes are one of the best ways to provide that socialization. 

Happy Pup Manor specializes in working with doodles, retrievers, and smaller breeds, so that you can rest assured their socialization time will be safe and fun. Puppies will be around dogs that have similar personalities and playstyles, and that our trainers have thorough experience working with. With Happy Pup Manor’s training services, the opportunity to socialize with other furry friends will help your puppy grow into a confident dog and steadfast companion. 

Scheduling a Visit at Happy Pup Manor

If you have just gotten a new puppy, now is the time to start looking into professional training. Visiting an expert can help set a strong foundation for your pup’s learning and will offer them the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and build confidence. To learn more about the expert training programs at Happy Pup Manor, contact us today and schedule a visit. 

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