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The Best Toys for Your Pup

The Best Toys for Your Pup

The Best Toys for Your Pup

Who doesn’t love a good toy? Puppies need a variety of toys to keep them occupied and help them explore their new home! All puppies have a preference when it comes to the toys they enjoy, so giving them plenty of options, in the beginning, is essential. The more time you spend with your puppy, the better you will understand what their likes and dislikes are, making it easier for you to pick toys they will enjoy.

Having toys is vital because puppies need something to chew on as they are teething. While puppies typically teethe until they are about eight months old, the sharpest teeth fall out around four and a half to five months. Teaching your puppy to chew on their toys while they are teething will prevent them from nibbling on you!

Benefits of Dog Toys

  • Leads to Good Oral Health: Chewing on tougher toys helps to break down plaque and bacteria build-up in your pup’s mouth.
  • Adds Enrichment: Toys provide a safe way for your pup to play and explore their world without getting into something they shouldn’t.
  • Toys Wear Your Pup Out!: You won’t have to worry about your pup getting late-night zoomies if they are playing all day. You can even get them bed-time toys to snuggle, like this cute stuffed elephant!
  • Helps Build Independence: Finding toys that will help keep them occupied while you are busy or away from the home will help them learn to keep themselves entertained without constant interaction. A good way to get a range of toys for your pup to try out is with Bark Box! They send a variety of high-quality toys to your home each month. And each box has its own fun theme, so there’s something new with each shipment!

Tough and Strong Dog Toys

Pups have a natural desire to chew. After all, they are descendants of wolves! That being said, you are probably going to go through a lot of toys while your puppy is teething – and even after, depending on how chewy your pup is. While it can be fun purchasing new toys for your pup, it can turn into a hassle if you have to go out every week to purchase a new one.

There are a ton of extra tough toys on the market for strong chewers. One almost indestructible toy that we highly recommend is the classic Kong toy. This durable rubber toy is fun for your pup to chew on and can withstand even the toughest of chewers. They come in a great selection of sizes, ranging from small for pups with tiny mouths to xx-large for bigger breeds. What’s great about this Kong toy is that you can stuff it with peanut butter and freeze it to give your pup a long-lasting play session.  This adds more of an incentive for your pup to chew on it instead of your furniture.

Different puppies prefer different kinds of toys or chews. Bully Sticks are loved by most all pups. They are an edible chew that tends to last 30 minutes or so depending on the size or density of the chew you purchase and the size of your pup’s bite. Make sure the get the odor-free chews as they can really stink to high heaven otherwise.

Nylabone chews are a great option to leave with your pups at all times. They provide enrichment, entertainment, and a great outlet of something for your pup to chew on. Since they are hard chews, they’re okay for you to leave with your puppy unattended in their crate or exercise pen.  We wrote more about Nylabone in another blog post – we are really big fans of these toys for entertaining pups of all ages.

Rope toys are great tug toys. They give your puppy a great place to grip while you get to keep your hands out of the way of their sharp little teeth. If you notice your puppy has an affinity for chewing on the carpet or rugs, they are likely to enjoy the mouthfeel of a rope toy.  Making sure they have consistent access to these toys and a few gentle redirections can get them on the right path of what is OK to chew and what is not.

Dog Balls

Raise your hand if you think of tennis balls when someone mentions puppy toys. Tennis balls are a classic toy and are essential in every puppy’s toy box. They are perfect for when you want to play with your pup while also getting them to get some exercise. There’s no better workout than an open field and a good tennis ball! We recommend keeping a few packs of these stored away since they are easy to lose while out playing and, depending on how much your pup likes to chew, can get torn up rather quickly.

Older pups may take ball time to a different level, so you need to use good judgment. Our border collie is not allowed to play fetch with a tennis ball and chuck it because he runs so hard and slams himself into the ground when trying to catch a ball that he hurts his wrists and shoulders.  As fun as it is to watch your pup catch a ball high in the air, try to throw the ball such that they can keep all four paws on the ground.

Do you have plenty of toys for your pup but still find they are being a little too rambunctious? The training team at Happy Pup Manor can help train your puppy while bringing out the best of their personality! Call to speak with us today or fill out our online contact form to set up a call at a time most convenient to you. We can’t wait to learn more about your pup.

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