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Meet Gabby

Gabby is a lifetime animal lover who channeled
her passion for animals into dog training.
She will advise the best package to
meet your goals during your
personal consultation.

Owner And Lead Trainer

Gabby graduated with honors from the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and concentration on Companion Animals. She lives in Barrington Hills, Illinois with her husband and four dogs — Herschel, AXP AJP (Shepadoodle), Phillip, MX MXJ, (Goldendoodle), Aurora (Miniature Poodle), and Eugene (Border Collie).

Gabby is a lifetime animal lover who channeled her passion for animals into dog training. Described as “The Doodle Whisperer”, Gabby focuses on training doodle puppies and adults. Her clients live with families across the United States from New York to California.


Gabby loves creating that special relationship between dog and owner through training. She believes having a well-trained pup creates a strong bond both inside and outside of the home, creating a fuller, happier life for both owners and dogs. Gabby has been working with dogs for the past 10 years, with 8 years of experience competing in Agility and Nosework. Gabby is currently an instructor for Obedience and Nosework classes and holds several Masters titles in AKC Agility and NACSW Nosework.



Hilltop Pups
Jasper, IN
Herschel is Gabby and Brian’s first pup, and is a retired Masters Agility competitor who still participates in Nosework competitions. He
is a playful pup who loves to take care of the guests at the manor with his natural shepherding instincts. He has always been an expert
ball dog and loves to jump into the pool.



English Goldendoodle
Hilltop Pups
Jasper, IN
Phillip is the breed standard for why goldendoodles have become so popular – friendly, snuggly, and food motivated. Phillip loves to be outside and spend his days napping in the sun or sniffing around the yard for a bunny to chase. He lives to eat fruits and veggies
whenever they are available – best of all when they are fresh from his personal fenced garden!



Border Collie
Checkmate Border Collies
Rockton, IL
Stitch is a sweet half brother to Eugene. He loves toys that squeak and wants to play all the time. He currently trains in Agility like his big brother and absolutely shines! His favorite obstacle is the tunnel. Zoom zoom!



Miniature Poodle
Serendipity Miniature Poodles, Yelm, WA
Aurora is a professional snuggler who takes occasional breaks to compete in Agility. Despite her size, Aurora is never afraid to explore the whole yard and give chase to any bird or squirrel she meets. When it is time for her nap, she is never shy about using a paw to request a blanket be lifted for her to snuggle under.



Border Collie
Checkmate Border Collies
Rockton, IL
Eugene loves to play with people and other puppies. His favorite pastime is Agility and he is never above using his sad puppy dog eyes to ask for one more run on the course. Look for him on ESPN One day you will see him on ESPN as part of the World Agility Finals!

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