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Sun and Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

Sun and Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

Sun and Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

Trips to a dog-friendly beach are a great way to spend time with your pup this summer. However, it’s important to keep in mind that long hours in the sun can affect your dog too. The same way you would take steps to keep yourself safe, cool, and dry, you’ll need to make sure your dog is comfortable and taken care of throughout the day. 

One way to make an experience at the beach more comfortable is with training courses at Happy Pup Manor. With our puppy classes, we’ll help your dog develop the good behaviors necessary to face the world at a crowded lakeshore.

Swimming Safely

When taking your dog swimming, there can be a lot to consider. Not all dogs know how to swim well, so it’s important to make sure that they are comfortable in the water before you take them somewhere that could be dangerous for them. Large bodies of water like Lake Michigan can have strong currents that pose a threat to people and dogs alike, so you’ll want to exercise caution and consider getting a life jacket for your pup.

Avoiding Dehydration and Sun Exposure

A hot day means that it’s important to stay hydrated. Make sure to bring plenty of fresh water for your dog to drink, and keep an eye out for the signs that they might be getting dehydrated. Some of the most noticeable signs that your dog needs water is panting and a dry nose, but you should also watch out for symptoms like lethargy or a lack of appetite. 

Dehydration is not the only heat-related concern that your dog faces at the beach. Like humans, dogs can also be vulnerable to sunburn, especially if they are hairless or have a thin coat. There is such a thing as sunscreen specially formulated for dogs, and you’ll want to carefully apply it to vulnerable areas like the tips of their ears. If you have questions about sunscreen safety for dogs, it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian.

Clothes for your dog can also be an alternative to sunscreen, but you will have to be extra careful to make sure that they do not get too hot. If your dog is comfortable wearing clothing, you might also consider shoes to help protect them from paw pad burns when walking on hot surfaces. 

Summer Fun at Happy Pup Manor

Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather with your dog. If you’re planning on visiting the beach, it’s important to make sure that your furry friend stays safe, cool, and hydrated while you’re out and about. Unfortunately, not every trip you go on might be dog-friendly. If you do have to travel without your pup, Happy Pup Manor’s luxury dog boarding services are here to help. To learn more about our boarding policies, contact us today. 

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