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Summer Foods That Are Safe For Dogs

Summer Foods That Are Safe For Dogs

Summer Foods That Are Safe For Dogs

With summer comes celebration, from small weekend barbecues to big Fourth of July parties. All of the sounds and smells are going to be exciting for your pup, but it’s important to remember that not everything that ends up at the table makes for a good treat. Some human foods can make dogs sick, so you’ll want to be extra sure that everything you feed your dog this summer is appropriate for their diet. Thankfully, there are many summer foods that are safe for dogs to eat and enjoy.

Opt For Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Summer is a great time to pick up a variety of in-season produce, and there are many options that your dog will be happy to eat right alongside you. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a comprehensive list of what fruits and veggies are okay for your pup, but some warm-weather favorites include blueberries, seedless watermelon, and strawberries. 

Be Selective About Meat Choices

While your pup would certainly love to snatch a hot dog right off the grill, this probably isn’t the best choice of treat for them. While there is no problem with dogs eating meat in general, some meats can contain seasonings or other ingredients that are not so good. It’s better to give your dog unseasoned meat that is cut into appropriately sized pieces and is free of cooked bones that can splinter as they chew. 

You might make a treat for your dog by cooking unsalted meat separate from your own meal, or you can follow a recipe to make special treats just for your pup. For example, you can try freezing unsalted broth into ice cubes for an enriching treat that is suited for the weather. 

Choosing Treats to Share

Just because your dog can’t eat everything you can doesn’t mean that they need to be entirely excluded from picnics or outings on the beach. Planning ahead means that you can pack any number of simple treats to reward your pup for their good behavior as they spend the day with you. This might mean packing watermelon for a walk in the park or ordering a cappuccino when you go through the Starbucks drive-through on a sunny day. No matter how you choose to include your dog, understanding the foods that, they can and cannot safely eat will help make sure that, the experience remains both safe and fun.

Professional Dog Training at Happy Pup Manor

Celebrations and beach outings over the summer are great to bring your dog to, but it’s important to make sure that they are well-behaved and able to handle all the excitement. Happy Pup Manor offers a variety of obedience classes that will help prepare your pup for a life of companionship. Our courses address important skills and behaviors like housetraining, basic commands, and more. To schedule an appointment, contact us today. 

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