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Signs Your Puppy Might Have Anxiety 

Signs Your Puppy Might Have Anxiety 

Signs Your Puppy Might Have Anxiety 

Being the owner of a new puppy is exciting! But in addition to all of that excitement, you may have some frustration over your puppy’s behaviors—chewing, barking, and accidents in the house are no fun. In addition to regular puppy behaviors, though, certain behaviors could be a sign of puppy anxiety. Here’s what you should know about puppy anxiety and common signs of anxiety—

What Causes Anxiety in Dogs?

Each dog is unique, but there are some common causes of fear and anxiety in dogs, including:

  • Being forced into an unfamiliar experience, often one that is frightening
  • Not having enough social and environmental exposure
  • Being left alone for long periods of time
  • Being deprived of stimulation
  • Separation anxiety, which could be a result of having multiple owners, being left for a longer period of time, or experiencing prior neglect or abandonment
  • Specific phobias and trauma/panic, such as being locked in a crate for long periods of time and then having a fear of crates

Common Signs of Anxiety in Dogs and Puppies

Anxiety can present itself in multiple ways. Some signs that your dog or puppy may be experiencing anxiety include:

  • Urination and bowel movements inside of the home
  • Destruction—chewing up items, ripping apart furniture, etc. 
  • Excessive barking
  • Excessive crying
  • Pacing

There are also some clinical signs of fear or anxiety in dogs that will vary depending on the source of fear or anxiety. These include diarrhea, tail-chasing, panting, trembling, and tail-tucking. 

Treating Anxiety

If your puppy is exhibiting signs of anxiety, it’s important that you get them help as soon as possible–this will ease their discomfort and help to save your house from destructive behavior! Often, providing a puppy with more stimulation and social exposure can help. In addition, training can be a positive way to reinforce good behaviors while also socializing your dog. 

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