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Set Sail and Hook Your Perfect Pup at Cedar Lake Doodles

Set Sail and Hook Your Perfect Pup at Cedar Lake Doodles

Set Sail and Hook Your Perfect Pup at Cedar Lake Doodles

Cedar Lake is known for its fishing and is also now home to the Cedar Lake Doodles puppies. Located in Slinger, Wisconsin, they proudly specialize in breeding a wide variety of doodles, each known for their unique characteristics and loving nature. Amy, the owner, maintains a reputation for quality and excellence in doodle breeding in Wisconsin and the Midwest area.

Their breeding expertise covers Standard Goldendoodles, which are 50 lbs and up, Medium Goldendoodles weighing between 35-50 lbs, and Mini Goldendoodles with a weight range of 25-35 lbs. For those looking for smaller companions, they also offer Petite Goldendoodles weighing 15-25 lbs and an assortment of other breeds including Double Doodles, Mini Bernedoodles (25-35 lbs), Medium Bernedoodles (35-50 lbs), as well as Mini Golden Bernedoodles (25-35 lbs) and Medium Golden Bernedoodles (35-50 lbs), which are also known as Golden Mountain Doodles.

Each puppy features either a curly or fleece coat, presented in a stunning array of colors including English cream, apricot, red, chocolate, black, black and white, chocolate and white, sable, merle, and phantom. These colors are beautifully arranged in patterns such as solid, tuxedo, tri-colored, and parti-color.

Key Highlights:

  • Health Testing: Genetic and OFA for hips, elbows, eyes, heart and patellas
  • Training Initiatives
    • Early Neurological Stimulation protocol
    • Inside potty-training at 3 weeks
    • Outside potty training at 5 weeks
    • Sitting and recall training
  • Health Warranty: 2 years
  • Deposit: $200 non-refundable
  • Price Range: $2300 to $3500 and is breed and size-dependent with 5.5% tax


Reasonably Priced, Endlessly Happy Puppies

At Cedar Lake Doodles, each puppy’s price is set with care and fairness, focusing on the size and breed rather than the color. Goldendoodle puppies are priced at $2,300 for Standards, $2,500 for Minis and Mediums, and $2,700 for Petites.

For those captivated by the charm of Bernedoodles, the prices are $2,700 for Standards, $3,000 for Mini and Mediums, and $3,500 for Petites.

Puppy Selection and Payment ProcessA $200 nonrefundable deposit secures your place on the General Waitlist for Cedar Lake Doodles, instead of a particular litter. When puppies arrive, Amy reaches out to families by email or phone for breed, color, and gender preferences and confirms the gotcha date. Should your plans require flexibility, you can opt for the next litter. At 5-6 weeks, Amy guides you in selecting your puppy with pictures and even FaceTime. Should you opt for a different puppy at this time, your spot will be reassigned to the end of the waitlist. Prompt responses are appreciated to keep the process smooth for all eager families. After a year on the list, an additional deposit is requested to maintain your spot on the waitlist.

Puppy Raising Standards


Amy at Cedar Lake Doodles deploys the ‘Super Dog Bio Sensor’ program to enhance her puppies’ development. This method, rooted in military research, involves early neurological stimulation, crucial in the first 16 days. Daily exercises aim to bolster cardiovascular health, stress tolerance, and disease resistance, ensuring each puppy grows into a robust, well-adjusted companion.

Health Testing

At Cedar Lake Doodles, Amy prioritizes impeccable health, ensuring each pup is in top condition before breeding. Rigorous DNA testing and comprehensive evaluations by an OFA-certified vet affirm the absence of hip, eye, patella, heart, and eye conditions. This commitment to excellence guarantees that each Cedar Lake Doodle puppy is healthy.


Amy Keller: Heart and Soul of a Compassionate Breeder: Amy and Desiree, a dynamic mother-daughter-in-law duo at Cedar Lake Doodles, excel in nurturing their puppy litters with tender, loving care. They keep the space extremely organized and clean, allowing the puppies to excel in potty training.

I’ve observed all the puppies on many occasions, go absolutely bananas whenever Amy and Desiree are near. And as I always say, the dog doesn’t lie. The puppies love them! Because the puppies receive immense affection at an early age, it fosters trust and sociability in these little angels from the start.

Cedar Lake Doodles: Showcasing the North American Retriever Cedar Lake Doodles is one of the few home breeders in the country offering Double Doodles, aka North American Retrievers, a cross between a goldendoodle and a labradoodle. The name was coined by Helene Roussi of Westwood Labradoodles and Goldendoodles when they were first introduced in 2006.

The goal was to produce a temperament similar to a Goldador, a labrador and golden hybrid while offering low-shed, hypoallergenic coats for service work. The Labrador retriever brings higher drive and resiliency, the golden retriever for its gentle velcro nature, and the poodle brings high intelligence and non-shedding coat qualities. The result is a versatile, loving, and trainable companion, perfect for both service tasks and family life.

Closest Major Cities from Cedar Lake Doodles

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 33 miles southeast
  2. Madison, Wisconsin – 75 miles west
  3. Green Bay, Wisconsin – 107 miles north
  4. Chicago, Illinois – 130 miles southeast
  5. Minneapolis, Minneapolis – 300 miles northwest


Talk of the Town

When considering adding a furry family member, consider Cedar Lake Doodles. Check out the numerous testimonials of those who’ve welcomed a Cedar Lake Doodle into their homes and hearts.Amy is very active on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This is where you can stay the most up-to-date on upcoming puppies and who’s currently enjoying the milk bar.


Need Help Navigating a New Puppy?

Starting your journey with a Cedar Lake Doodles? Happy Pup Manor is here for you, knowing everything there is to know about all doodle breeds, we’re dedicated to making your transition smooth and stress-free with personalized training and support.

Reach out to us for expert training either by phone at 847-902-0773 or by email at concierge@happypupmanor.com.

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