Andrea S.


I had such an amazing experience sending my 1 year old toy poodle to happy pup manor for board and train. I had been working with a different trainer and I felt like we had reached a plateau. She is high anxiety and putting the leash on/off had become extremely stressful for her. She would also refuse to walk outside my building in a busy area. She now loves putting her leash on and off and walks like a pro. Everyone at Happy pup listened to my concerns with her and kept me in the loop with her progress. I am so grateful!!

Tammy S.


The proprietor of the business cares a lot about this business and will go to great lengths to keep it a great place. 5 star in my book.

Blake V.


Gaby and her husband have purchased an epic property and are investing to make your doggo experience second to none.

Allyson Peterson


Our 6 month puppy had the BEST time here! Happy Pup Manor is professional, very easy to communicate with, provides constant updates on your dog, takes good care of your dog, and provides incredible training! Our dog come back completely different- he can now walk with us without pulling, he listens to us, and he just overall a better behaved dog. 10/10 recommend Happy Pup Manor if you’re wanting training for your dog, they were incredible!

Melissa Amendola


We brought our golden doodle home when he was 8 weeks old. I had dogs growing up but I never remember the puppy stage like this. Nipping, not listening at all, the dog was basically “in charge” of us. This didn’t work because my two younger daughters were actually scared of him even though he looks like a cute little teddy bear. When we first got him, we thought we could figure it out on our own but we were so wrong. ? After talking to our breeder, she highly recommended Happy Puppy Manor. About two weeks later, 12 weeks old, our boy, Eugene, got picked up in the magical black van and headed off to the 4 week board and train program.

We all cried when he left so it was extremely comforting when HPM would send pictures and video of our boy every other day. He made friends while he was there and I could tell he loved it! He even had his first puppy groom while he was there.

When Gabby brought him home, we were in shock at just how much he had learned. When we talked to Gabby initially, we discussed my younger daughter’s fear and Gabby recommended focusing on the “place” command in addition to all of the other basic obedient commands. Boy did she nail it! When he got home, she asked him to go to bed and he stayed there for about 20 min while she started talking to us about his training.

In addition to place, he has learned to stop pulling on his leash, come, stay, sit and down. Most importantly, his nipping and jumping went down significantly which has allowed the fear to be removed from my daughters! He also stays in his crate all night until we are ready to let him out. Prior to his training, he’d be the one walking us up every morning.

Gabby and all the wonderful trainers and staff created such a strong foundation for us to build on. Their communication was great and, although I was hesitant and in disbelief that Eugene could learn that much in just 4 weeks, the entire experience was very positive and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Best money I have ever spent! If I ever get another dog in the future, they will, for sure, be heading to happy puppy manor board and train! Eugene will be heading back for boarding in the future. It’s the only place I’ll trust my little dude! Pic of him “in bed”

Ben Whitehouse


Here’s two thumbs up for Happy Puppy Manor! After raising both an Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever from puppyhood we thought we knew a thing about training puppies. Then we met Poppy – our adorable, smart and willful Bernedoodle. Thank goodness for Happy Puppy Manor and their expert trainer Carol! (Carol is a star). Now our friends are amazed at how well behaved our 4 month old baby girl is!

Dimitria Hannon


Milo loved his first stay at Happy Pup Manor! The team was so sweet and he came back so happy and clean too!

Liz Huber


Happy Pup Manor is the place to be for both training and boarding. We are new to dog ownership and we wound up with a GIANT puppy. We don’t know what we’d do without Happy Pup and their incredible staff welcoming our furry friend with open arms. Not only do we rest assured that he is having a blast in a safe, clean, enriching environment while we are are away, we also comes back a perfect (well almost perfect) gentleman. Thank you to the Happy Pup team for teaching our Benny basic commands, how to walk properly by leash, to tame his nipping, and to stay off our countertops… this has really been life saving for our young, busy active family. My children also love the many photos we receive while Benny is at Happy Pup, from playing with other dogs, posing for holiday photos (seriously so cute), enjoying a swim lesson, or being loved on by the amazing staff. To top it all off, the drop off and pick up service is beyond convenient. Thank you again to Happy Pup. We HIGHLY recommend this place.

Jennifer Strokes


Our 12 week great Dane puppy was enrolled in their 28 day program. I was hesitate to be away from our new puppy for so long. However the team here was so positive and open it made me feel very comfortable. They communication was impeccable and the trainers kept us up to date with videos and photos throughout the whole time. I am so happy with this experience and I recommend to every dog owner wanting their dog to receive great training and care.Thank you Happy Pup Manor Team!!❤❤

Will Jones


Happy Pup Manor is amazing. We did the 10-day board & train for our Porto. We have no regrets. He had the time of his life. He came back a much more well-behaved pup. Gabby walked us through what we needed to do to keep him that way. If you have the resources, take advantage of their services.

Eileen Terrell

This was a very positive experience for me as a first-time dog owner. My Nash completed the 10-day training at 11 weeks old and learned the foundational commands. I feel confident with continued practice and reinforcement that, Nash and I will have a great life together. He knew all the commands and, even with the puppy brain..did quite well. I also appreciate the training and information I received when he returned home; the trainer was friendly and provided clear guidance. It was helpful to have the training in my home. I enjoyed the regular updates throughout his training, their responsiveness, and the bonus of the picture, leash, and collar when he returned home. I am so happy that Happy Pup Manor was referred to me, and I will only leverage them for any future training and boarding needs I may have in the future. I look forward to seeing his growth and independence. It’s funny right now; I don’t get to practice the Come command because he never leaves my side. I think we both love being near each other:)

Tonia Dimitriou

Love, love coming to happy pup manor! We started off here almost 3 years ago when they came to get trained and have been boarding here ever since! They did amazing on their training! Mack and Meli both get so excited when they get picked
up, they know exactly where they are going! They love playing with all their friends. They always come home in a good mood and also squeaky clean. We are very happy to have found Gabby and her amazing staff. They are the best and truly love our fur babies!
Tonia (Mack and Meli’s mommy)

Laura Riggs

Happy pup manor is our go to spot for boarding our dog. Gabby and her crew are fabulous with him! We feel very comfortable leaving him in their care when we go away. He is always excited to see them, knowing he will get lots of love and playtime at their wonderful property. For a great (and safe) experience, you can count on happy pup Manor boarding.

Ana Catalina Amador

We love Happy Pup Manor and Gabby. We always choose them for boarding our pup Franco. They have the best attention and I can rest assured that Franco is in the best possible hands. A huge perk is the valet service for pick up and drop off. I love that he has tons of supervised playtime and he’s always sad to leave the manor when his boarding is over.

Paula Pollman

Happy Pup Manor is a home away from home for our pup, Duke. After we adopted him we needed to find a place to have him trained. My son, Patrick researched several options and after talking to Gabby at Happy Pup Manor he was convinced.
Duke went for the 10 day training and came home a happy well trained pup. He is still a handful but what puppy isn’t. He is calmer and listens better than ever before. Gabby and her team of trainers treat your dog as their own. He has boarded there as well. He looks forward to his time boarding at Happy Pup Manor. He has plenty of supervised playtime, and minimal time in a crate. Gabby gives your dog the love she gives her own. He gets many nice extras i.e. bath & nails and you get videos for your peace of mind. He gets picked up and dropped off by professionals. What more could you ask for. I highly recommend Happy Pup Manor. They’re the best!

Jean Stein

Our dog Buck is a very high energy 8 month old puppy. My husband was very skeptical that he could be trained. Gabby had him for two weeks and he came back a well-behaved puppy! He is still is energetic self, but she showed us he does have impulse control. He does not pull us along on walks, he sits and stays and he will stay on his “bed” until we tell him to come. It’s amazing. This was the best thing we have ever done with any of our dogs!

Tina Moser

Gabby and her team at Happy Pup Manor did a fantastic job with Wrigley. As a 11 week pup is, he is always chewing and not wanting to listen. They worked with him on being more attentive, listening to commands better, only chewing on toys and less of fingers, the socialization with other dogs, and having productive walks. After Wrigley’s two week stay he came back a better pup. Would highly recommend them and I know Wrigley can’t wait to go back!

Bridget Majdecki

Our puppy went straight from our breeder to training at Happy Pup Manor and we couldn’t be happier! Gabby was always quick to respond to questions and available to talk if needed. Happy Pup Manor picked up our precious puppy from the breeder and cared for him for 10 days of training. We knew our puppy was getting love and attention from Gabby. She sent us videos and pictures daily of our puppy. The training was done well! Our puppy’s transition to our home went with GREAT ease! He was crate trained and he loves his crate (never whines or cries). He was potty trained and yet to have an accident in the house. Gabby also trained him to know his name, come, sit, stay, down, and play dead ?. Our puppy was always around other dogs at HPM and it helped him to be socialized. He is always calm and confident around other dogs. We would definitely use Happy Pup Manor again and also for boarding for vacations. It was money well spent.

Cathy Engelsen

My clients that have used their services, have been more than happy.

Kristin Marchisello

Gabby and her team are amazing! They truly love what they do and it shows! We sent our 11 week old Sheepadoodle, Luna, to Gabby for a 10 day training. Luna is super sweet but was very much a biter and herder. I would have been so happy if Luna came back not biting as much but the work Gabby did with Luna was more than we could have ever hoped for! Luna follows many commands and listens to what we tell her (for the most part)! She still is a puppy after all. Her biting is all but gone aside from chew toys. She sends updates about her progress and reassurance that she is having fun and learning. She truly puts you at ease. When it’s time for your pup to come home, she spends quite a long time showing you how to continue the training she’s worked with your pup on in your home. She also picks up and drops off your puppy. It’s a huge bonus!

Gabby is super flexible with schedules too. We had to adjust our days and she was very accommodating.

Most of all, our puppy was cared for at Gabby’s as though she was here at our house.

If you are debating doing puppy training, I thoroughly recommend Gabby and Happy Pup Manor. We plan to use Gabby for all our boarding needs!! She is a gem and it shows how much pride she has in what she does!!

Harlene Ellin

I sent my 6-month-old Australian labradoodle puppy to HPM’s board and train program. I am absolutely thrilled with the results! Gabby worked on all the basics plus she focused on issues that were specific to my dog. I was out walking her today and we actually received compliments on how well behaved my dog was! That was a first, for sure. Thanks Gabby!

Suzy Jo

Hands down the BEST experience for us and our 6 month old mini Goldendoodle puppy!!!
I had countless friends recommend Gabby and based of all the positive reviews, I decided to contact her. Being first time puppy owners, we knew it was going to be a lot of work but had no idea how to manage it and where to even start with age-appropriate training. Bailey had all the typical puppy behaviors: nipping, biting, over-excitement, jumping on people, and the one that impacted our family the most, chasing and jumping on our kids, who were becoming terrified of her!! She displayed some resource guarding with her bully sticks and toys where she would growl at us when we went near her. She also was very scared of other dogs due to minimal socialization and an incident where another dog attacked her at 4 months :(. Needless to say, we were skeptical how Gabby would handle all of these challenges with Bailey.

After the 10-day board and train, Gabby met with our family and brought home our sweet transformed pup. And when I say transformed, I mean completely, amazingly, transformed!! Gabby showed us all of the basic manner commands Bailey was taught, but more impressive to us was how well-adjusted, HAPPY and well-mannered she came back!

Bailey’s been back now for 2 weeks and I purposely waited a couple of weeks to write this review just in case it was temporary and the “magic” would wear off and she would revert back to her old puppy ways. I’m so happy to report that she is still amazing and perfect!! We have been consistent with what Gabby taught us and our sweet Bailey is so well-mannered and has NO resource guarding (bully sticks, food, treats, toys) AT all!! We can literally tell her to drop anything and she does!! She is now friendly with other dogs and walks so nicely on the leash (no pulling!!)

We don’t know how Gabby and her team does it but they are simply the BEST!! They truly have a gift and it was worth every penny!! Even Bailey loves Gabby so much that she cried and whimpered when she left. Thank you Gabby and Happy Pup!! We would give you a 10-star rating if we could!!!

Manasi Shenolikar

Happy Pup Manor is a home away from home for my doodle. Gabby understands what it means to provide a ‘home-like’ environment for dogs. They know the dogs not just by name but understand their personalities and their requirements thoroughly. They pay attention to detail and all special requests ( my dog had an ear infection and I didn’t want him to swim or get his face and ears vet) are catered to. The regular photo and video updates are the highlight of the day ☺️ I am absolutely stress free when I am traveling because of HPM- The best place for your pooch.

Chhavi Adtani

A home away from home for my doodle. The reason why I can travel stress free is because HPM looks after my pet the same way as I do. They cater to special requests and make it a point to understand each dog and their requirements. Couldn’t have found a better place for my dog.

Alexandra Lippert

We sent our puppy here a week after we brought her home, knowing we were in a season where us training her would be very difficult. Gabby and the entire HPM staff does AMAZING work. Maudie came home to us so well-trained and the foundation Gabby laid for us to work with was truly incredible. SO worth it – highly recommend Happy Pup Manor!!

Marina Kasicki

Our golden doodle Cosmo was trained by Gabby at Happy Pup Manor in 2018 and has been back to board twice while we were on vacation. We absolutely trust the care, love, and attention given to Cosmo by the staff at Happy Pup Manor. We love the door-to-door service, the picture and video updates, and the bath Cosmo gets before he returns home. We have recommended Happy Pup Manor to several friends who have also brought their puppies for boarding and training. We can’t say enough about the great service we have experienced.

Donna Matus

Our two 66 pound goldendoodles were getting unmanageable to take walks. They both attended the 10 day board and train and Gabby taught them to walk nicely. She even curbed their excessive barking and jumping. After 10 days she brought them home and then spent time training us! Her facility is absolutely gorgeous! Not a kennel at all, it’s a home with huge yards for them to play in. My Cooper and Sawyer will stay at the Happy Pup Manor when they need boarding again. Thank you Gabby and your team.

Danni Webber

My pup and I love Happy Pup! She’s done the 10 day training program as a puppy, as well as boarding several times when I’m out of town. Very happy with both. She always comes home exhausted from playing with all her new friends!

Christina Vandercook

Gabby and her team are my #1 go to for training and boarding. Gabby helped us pick out Cody and took him at 10 weeks for training. Cody stayed in her care for 28 days. We received daily pictures and/or videos. After 28 days she delivered Cody back to us and stayed as long as needed to teach my daughter and I all the commands that Cody learned. We even received a custom graduation video! My husband comments all the time on what a great walker he is. He walks right at our side and never pulls. He never jumps on guests at the door. Training early on is such a key to a well behaved dog and Gabby helped us with that. Happy Pup now is my go to for boarding Cody. I love that they come and pick him up and drop him off as we are a busy family. That service is priceless. He knows as soon as the black minivan pulls into the driveway he is going to see Gabby and her team. I honestly do not worry when we are away when he is at Happy Pup Manor. We never had a dog before Cody and honestly I was concerned how we would know what to do. Gabby is a solution for training, boarding and general advice. We would 100% recommend Gabby and the Happy Pup Manor Team!

Patty Luessenhop

Happy Pup Manor is #1 with our family of 2 mini Goldendoodles, Cooper and Barney. Copper participated in the 10 day training and Barney will soon have his 10 day training program. We are grateful to Gabby and her team in teaching Cooper his manners! We have also boarded both pups together. We are stress free when they stay at Happy Pup Manor. We know they have plenty of room to roam and they are active, not just sitting in a kennel all day. We love Happy Pup so much we drive 4 hours to board them when we travel for extended periods of time!❤

Andrea Hall

We were looking for somewhere to board our Yorkie for an extended vacation, and some friends recommended Happy Pup Manor. Our Yorkie is pretty strong willed and had some behaviors we didn’t love, so we decided to have Gabby do some training with her in addition to the boarding. Some of our issues were pulling during walks, not being able to “stay” so she would get out of our door when we opened it, and not coming when we called her. When we got home, Gabby brought our dog back home and spent over an hour with us going over her new training. We were blown away at what she had accomplished in just under two weeks! It’s now over a year later and our dog is still so well trained! I never thought I’d be able to walk her and enjoy it, but she will walk next to me at “heel.” She stays in her bed now when we give her the command, and she comes right away when we call and give her a treat! I highly recommend Gabby for training and boarding!

Susan Arends

Our 5 and a half month old labradoodle, Daisy, went to Gabby to be trained for 10 days when she was 10 weeks old. On Daisy’s return, Gabby spent over an hour with us in our own home teaching us how to continue with the training at home and how to be consistent in our commands. Gabby definitely laid down a great base for us to build upon. Daisy was also very skittish of other dogs and people when we first got her, but she returned a self confident puppy who loves playing with other dogs and humans! We have since used Happy Pup Manor for boarding on separate occasions and Daisy is always happy to go and we love the photos and videos that we receive while we are on vacation. We know Daisy is having a good time. Included with her stay is free pick up and return as well as a bath on the day she comes home. Those perks definitely add to the value of Daisy’s stay. Overall, we would highly recommend using Happy Pup Manor for training or boarding your dog.

Courtney Bilbrey

Gabby and her team far exceeded our expectations. We have a whole new dog. I don’t know how 10 days of training can change a puppy this much! Most valuable though, was the hour of time my family spent with Gabby learning how to continue training our golden doodle puppy on her own. Seriously this is the best money I’ve ever spent.

Photo 1: Gabby texted us photos of our dog throughout the weeks and kept us updated on how training was going.

Photo 2: we attended the hour long consultation and training with a 10-year-old and Four-year-old. Gabby was fantastic in helping her understand how to train the dog and also setting some reasonable expectations.

Liz Wigoda

We loved working with Gabby, but more important…our puppy LOVES her! We sent Kallee to HPM to help with leash work, biting and the other basics. She came home, so sweet, way less nippy (she’s still a pup after all) and so good on the leash. After her stay, Gabby personally drove her home and spent well over an hour training us to keep up with her work. We feel so lucky to have found such a great place for Kallee and for us. Gabby is just so great with dogs!