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Hands down the BEST experience for us and our 6 month old mini Goldendoodle puppy!!!
I had countless friends recommend Gabby and based of all the positive reviews, I decided to contact her. Being first time puppy owners, we knew it was going to be a lot of work but had no idea how to manage it and where to even start with age-appropriate training. Bailey had all the typical puppy behaviors: nipping, biting, over-excitement, jumping on people, and the one that impacted our family the most, chasing and jumping on our kids, who were becoming terrified of her!! She displayed some resource guarding with her bully sticks and toys where she would growl at us when we went near her. She also was very scared of other dogs due to minimal socialization and an incident where another dog attacked her at 4 months :(. Needless to say, we were skeptical how Gabby would handle all of these challenges with Bailey.

After the 10-day board and train, Gabby met with our family and brought home our sweet transformed pup. And when I say transformed, I mean completely, amazingly, transformed!! Gabby showed us all of the basic manner commands Bailey was taught, but more impressive to us was how well-adjusted, HAPPY and well-mannered she came back!

Bailey’s been back now for 2 weeks and I purposely waited a couple of weeks to write this review just in case it was temporary and the “magic” would wear off and she would revert back to her old puppy ways. I’m so happy to report that she is still amazing and perfect!! We have been consistent with what Gabby taught us and our sweet Bailey is so well-mannered and has NO resource guarding (bully sticks, food, treats, toys) AT all!! We can literally tell her to drop anything and she does!! She is now friendly with other dogs and walks so nicely on the leash (no pulling!!)

We don’t know how Gabby and her team does it but they are simply the BEST!! They truly have a gift and it was worth every penny!! Even Bailey loves Gabby so much that she cried and whimpered when she left. Thank you Gabby and Happy Pup!! We would give you a 10-star rating if we could!!!

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