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Happy Pup Manor is a home away from home for our pup, Duke. After we adopted him we needed to find a place to have him trained. My son, Patrick researched several options and after talking to Gabby at Happy Pup Manor he was convinced.
Duke went for the 10 day training and came home a happy well trained pup. He is still a handful but what puppy isn’t. He is calmer and listens better than ever before. Gabby and her team of trainers treat your dog as their own. He has boarded there as well. He looks forward to his time boarding at Happy Pup Manor. He has plenty of supervised playtime, and minimal time in a crate. Gabby gives your dog the love she gives her own. He gets many nice extras i.e. bath & nails and you get videos for your peace of mind. He gets picked up and dropped off by professionals. What more could you ask for. I highly recommend Happy Pup Manor. They’re the best!

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