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This was a very positive experience for me as a first-time dog owner. My Nash completed the 10-day training at 11 weeks old and learned the foundational commands. I feel confident with continued practice and reinforcement that, Nash and I will have a great life together. He knew all the commands and, even with the puppy brain..did quite well. I also appreciate the training and information I received when he returned home; the trainer was friendly and provided clear guidance. It was helpful to have the training in my home. I enjoyed the regular updates throughout his training, their responsiveness, and the bonus of the picture, leash, and collar when he returned home. I am so happy that Happy Pup Manor was referred to me, and I will only leverage them for any future training and boarding needs I may have in the future. I look forward to seeing his growth and independence. It’s funny right now; I don’t get to practice the Come command because he never leaves my side. I think we both love being near each other:)

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