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We were looking for somewhere to board our Yorkie for an extended vacation, and some friends recommended Happy Pup Manor. Our Yorkie is pretty strong willed and had some behaviors we didn’t love, so we decided to have Gabby do some training with her in addition to the boarding. Some of our issues were pulling during walks, not being able to “stay” so she would get out of our door when we opened it, and not coming when we called her. When we got home, Gabby brought our dog back home and spent over an hour with us going over her new training. We were blown away at what she had accomplished in just under two weeks! It’s now over a year later and our dog is still so well trained! I never thought I’d be able to walk her and enjoy it, but she will walk next to me at “heel.” She stays in her bed now when we give her the command, and she comes right away when we call and give her a treat! I highly recommend Gabby for training and boarding!

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