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Puppy Love Perfected: The Cedar Lake Doodles Approach

Puppy Love Perfected: The Cedar Lake Doodles Approach

Puppy Love Perfected: The Cedar Lake Doodles Approach

Located in Slinger, Wisconsin, Cedar Lake Doodles specializes in breeding various doodle puppies known for their loving nature and unique characteristics. Their breeding expertise covers Standard Goldendoodles (50 lbs. and up), Medium Goldendoodles (35-50 lbs.), Mini Goldendoodles (25-35 lbs.), Petite Goldendoodles (15-25 lbs.), and an assortment of other breeds including Double Doodles, Mini Bernedoodles (25-35 lbs.), Medium Bernedoodles (35-50 lbs.), as well as Mini Golden Bernedoodles (25-35 lbs.) and Medium Golden Bernedoodles (35-50 lbs.), which are also known as Golden Mountain Doodles. We Offer Personal Consultation to Discuss Your Pup’s Needs! Call Us At 847 902-0773

Cedar Lake Doodles Offer:

  • OFA and genetic health tested pup parents
  • Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Inside potty training at 3 weeks
  • Outside potty training at 5 weeks
  • Sitting and recall training
  • Two-year health warranty

Each Cedar Lake puppy is priced based on its size and breed rather than their color. Goldendoodles range from $2,300 to $2,700 while Bernedoodles range from$2,700 to $3,500.

Breed-Specific DNA Testing And OFA:

Cedar Lake Doodles place a high priority on ensuring optimal health for every
puppy before breeding. Through rigorous DNA testing and thorough evaluations conducted by an OFA-certified veterinarian, they confirm the absence of hip, eye, patella, heart, and other health conditions. This unwavering dedication to quality ensures that every Cedar Lake Doodles puppy is healthy and thriving.

The Standards of Raising Affectionate and Loving Doodles

Amy at Cedar Lake Doodles utilizes the Super Dog Bio Sensor program to enrich the development of her puppies. Based on military research, this approach focuses on early neurological stimulation during the critical first 16 days. Daily exercises strengthen cardiovascular health, increase stress tolerance, and boost disease resistance, ensuring each puppy grows into a strong and well-adjusted companion.

Cedar Lake Doodles Is One of The Few Bernedoodle Breeders Located in Slinger, Wisconsin. Here Are the Three Closest Major Cities:

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 33 miles southeast
  • Madison, Wisconsin – 75 miles west
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin – 107 miles north

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