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Preparing Your Home and Family for a New Puppy 

Preparing Your Home and Family for a New Puppy 

Preparing Your Home and Family for a New Puppy 

Whether you’re single, married, or have kids, getting a new puppy is a very exciting time! Before you invite new life into your home, though, it’s smart to prepare your home, your family, and yourself for what to expect. Here are some tips for preparing for a new puppy!

Puppy-Proof What You Can

If a puppy can get into it, they will. As such, puppy-proof as much as you can in your home. This means unplugging cords, keeping cleaning supplies and chemicals out of reach, putting away medications, closing toilet lids, securing doors and windows, securing trash cans, and using baby gates and puppy fencing where needed. 

Get the Right Supplies

Puppies require a lot of supplies and materials to be comfortable, healthy, and thrive. You’ll want to get good bowls, toys, bedding, puppy pads, leash, harness, and a crate. If you’ll need anything else for a puppy, such as puppy/baby gates, now’s the time to purchase them. 

Get on the Same Page with Everyone in the Family

Talk to everyone in your family about what the rules regarding the puppy will be, including how training will work. If you have small children, it will be important to talk to children about how to properly handle and interact with the puppy. 

Consider Puppy Training

One way to prepare yourself is to have a plan for puppy training right from the get-go. Investing in puppy training is an easy way to take the stress out of puppy training yourself and turn a puppy into a dog who is well-behaved and has good manners. 

Buy Good Puppy Toys

One thing that you’ll need to worry about with a young puppy is the teething phase, which means lots of chewing to try to alleviate pain (dogs also choose to alleviate boredom). By investing in plenty of great puppy chew toys, you can (hopefully!) save your furniture and personal items. 

Call Happy Pup Manor Today  

At Happy Pup Manor, we are passionate about puppies and puppy training. We know that welcoming a new puppy into your home is a big commitment, which is why we want to help. To learn more about our training programs for puppies in Illinois, please reach out to us directly. You can contact us by phone or online at your convenience to get started. We also offer dog boarding services for when you go on vacation and can’t bring your pup!

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