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Potty Training

Potty Training

Potty Training

Although potty training can be stressful, these items will help keep you on the right path. You need to first decide where you will want your puppy to potty.  Do you want them to be potty inside or outside? Do you want to start inside and then perhaps move your puppy to the potty outside? Don’t listen to others who say you should not have an adult pup potty in the house. It is your puppy and you decide what works best for you and your puppy!

Next, decide on a puppy schedule. Include potty breaks every 30 minutes, play time, nap time, and meal times.  Puppies have immature bladders and need frequent trips because of it.  Then set your phone timer so you don’t miss the next event. Puppies do best on a schedule. Make sure if you keep them on a leash to aid potty training or put them in the crate if you are too busy.

  1. Poop Bags Everybody poops; need I say more. These bags are great because they are biodegradable.  It might seem like a lot of bags, but they do not take up much room. It also comes with a leash attachment that holds one poop bag roll.

  2. Bark Potty A great alternative to a living grass patch. It’s better than a sod patch because it absorbs the odor better,  won’t rot and only needs to be replaced once a month as opposed to twice a month. It is lightweight and comes with built-in poop bags.  

  3. Potty pads have several uses. One can use them permanently, or for travel such as using them at the airport or in a hotel.  Make sure to change the pads frequency as no one wants to use a dirty toilet. https://amzn.to/2UOwXUn

  4. Carpet Cleaner All puppies have potty accidents. This spray is great because it helps eliminate the urine odor that puppies like to return to.

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Know Before They Go: Your Guide to Potty Training

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