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Popular High-Tech Dog Toys 

Popular High-Tech Dog Toys 

Popular High-Tech Dog Toys 

Whether you have a brand new puppy or a dog that’s already a few years of age or older, providing proper stimulation is important for your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. Dogs that are bored are more likely to demonstrate behavioral issues, such as chewing. While many basic toys, such as pet-approved chew bones, will do the trick, there are a number of high-tech dog toys on the market that can be great for the pup who needs a little extra stimulation. These toys are also great for pet parents who want their pets to have playtime, but who maybe don’t have enough time to manage their dog’s playtime demands. 

Why Your Dog Needs Toys

There are numerous reasons why providing a dog with toys is important. Dogs need plenty of stimulation, and toys can be a tool in behavior modification while allowing for chewing that’s appropriate rather than problematic. In addition to meeting a dog’s physical needs, toys can also meet a dog’s emotional needs, too. The right toy can teach your dog to relax, can be a source of entertainment and play, can encourage exercise, may minimize boredom, and can provide your dog with a source of comfort. For both dogs and their owners, there are many reasons to love toys. 

High-Tech Dog Toys Your Pup May Love

While basic toys may do the trick for many pups, there are others that could benefit from more advanced toys. Types of high-tech toys that many dogs and their owners love include:

Automatic Ball Launcher

Do you have a dog that loves to run? If your shoulder is having trouble keeping up with Fido’s demands, an automatic ball launcher can help. Designed for independent play, these ball launchers are perfect for small and medium dogs.

Talking Dog Buttons

Ever wish your dog could tell you what they need? With talking dog buttons from Fluent Pet, they can! While it definitely requires some learning and training, a basic kit can help your dog learn how to express needs through words like “potty,” “water,” “play,” and “outside.” 

Calming Dog Speaker

If you have a pet that gets anxious when you leave, finding something to calm them down and comfort them can go a long way towards both their anxiety and your neighbor’s frustration about all of that barking. With Pet Acoustics, you can lull your pet with a bluetooth speaker that’s pre-loaded with veterinarian-approved, clinically proven music that helps to alleviate anxiety in pacing and barking dogs. 

Think About Training from Happy Pup Manor

In addition to the right toys that stimulate your pup, you should also consider investing in dog training. Dog training can help your dog develop great behaviors and build trust. Learn more by calling Happy Pup Manor today. 

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