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Picking Up Your Puppy

Picking Up Your Puppy

Picking Up Your Puppy

The big day is here, it’s time to pick up your new puppy from a breeder or trainer like Happy Pup Manor.  Suddenly it hits you – how the heck do we get this puppy home?  Do I need a car seat?  Do I bring a gift?  What’s the proper greeting? Here at Happy Pup Manor, we want you and your new family member to be as comfortable and happy as possible for puppy’s first trip home.


Accidents happen, so you will want to bring plenty of towels while traveling. Puppies tend to get motion sickness during car rides, and with the added excitement of meeting their new family things could get a little messy. We suggest having at least 4 towels with you when you pick up your new puppy. Lay them across the seat of your car, as well as drape one across the passenger who will be holding and comforting your pup while you drive home.

Leash and Collar

While you’re driving, it’s important to have a leash and collar on your new puppy. This will help keep them steady and safe in one spot. You don’t want them crawling around your car and getting into trouble. If you find your pup is moving around a little too much, we suggest taking the leash and wrapping it around your seat headrest. This will prevent them from roaming too far or crawling under your seats.  Long term, you will need a proper seat belt system, like SleepyPod, but for this first trip, you can make an exception to provide a little extra comfort and bonding.

Chew Toys

As mentioned, being in the car is both exciting and nerve-wracking for a puppy. It will likely be one of their first experiences in a moving vehicle, so you will want to help ease their mind and keep them calm. Bringing a chew toy along with you will help distract your pup, and can help keep them in one spot while you’re traveling home. We recommend giving your puppy a tasty chew, such as a bully stick or beef trachea. Either will be a great “welcome to the family” gift for your new pup!

Poop Bags

Poop bags are, of course, great for cleaning up any accidents your pup may have. But they are also great for storing other messes before you can get to a trash can. If you have garbage from the chew toy packaging or have to clean up the result of your puppy’s upset stomach, poop bags will come in extra handy.


If you are picking up your new puppy alone, or are finding it difficult to contain your excited new furry family member on the drive home, having a kennel on hand will help. We recommend the Vari Kennel. These kennels have plenty of room for your puppy and are easy to fit in your car. And, because they are made of plastic, your car’s interior will be protected more than with a traditional wire crate. Mesh travel crates are not recommended because a puppy can use their nails and make themselves an opening.

Cleaning Wipes and Paper Towels

You want to keep both your car and new puppy clean on your trip home. Having cleaning wipes in case of an accident is great. You can clean your car’s surfaces, your pup’s fur and paws, and your own hands after cleaning up the mess. It’s also a great idea to have paper towels at the ready to soak up any mess or dry off your hands after using the wipes.

About Happy Pup Manor 

Happy Pup Manor is home to your puppy training experts. Our team has plenty of experience and a deep love for the puppies we train and board. We train and board your pup in our 6,500 square foot home, complete with a 5-acre yard. Our trainers give each pup the personal attention and care needed to properly train them. Thinking of setting up your new family member in obedience and manners? Call Happy Pup Manor today!

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