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Keep Your Pup Safe with the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence!

Keep Your Pup Safe with the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence!

Keep Your Pup Safe with the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence!

Whether you have an energetic and curious pup or your furry friend like to take things slow, keeping them safe and secure in their designated containment area is a fundamental part of their care. Having the proper, most effective fence is one of the best ways to ensure your pup’s safety, but the clunky traditional fence isn’t for everyone, especially those with limited yard space or who are always on the go. Thankfully, the world of technology has given pup owners the greatest gift – the virtual fence. Virtual fencing is an invisible, GPS-based system perfect for those looking for alternative options for traditional fencing types. 

One of the best virtual fences that Happy Pup Manor has encountered is the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence. This wire-free, entirely GPS-based virtual fence system gives pup owners the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their pup’s safety. Check out some of our favorite aspects of the SpotOn fence system below! 

Easy Set-Up

Unlike many virtual or invisible fences on the market, the SpotOn system is entirely virtual, meaning there is no need to dig up your yard’s perimeter to install an underground wiring system. SpotOn uses a state-of-the-art GPS system to keep your pup contained and track them even if they leave the designated perimeter.

Since no installation is required, setting up the virtual fence is as simple as registering your system and walking the collar around the outside of your designated containment area. Virtual fences are easy to save with SpotOn, and each device can have up to ten unique perimeters programmed, making a great option for pup owners who want to keep their furry friends safe on trips out of town!

Great Referal Program

Who doesn’t love being rewarded for sharing their favorite pup products with friends and family? SpotOn offers an amazing referral program. When you use our referral link, you can get $50 off your SpotOn system! It’s a great way to save a little cash while keeping your pup safe and sound!

Low Maintenance

With traditional fences, regular repairs and general maintenance are required at least once a year. When you invest in a virtual fence system, you don’t have to worry about additional costs or repairs in the years to come. SpotOn comes with a rechargeable collar, meaning no costly replacement batteries are needed to keep your pup safely contained. When used only for containment, battery life typically lasts up to 24 hours, depending on your pup’s activity. When tracking your pup, the collar can last up to eight consecutive hours. 

Provides a Tracking Option

Sometimes not even the alert system can deter your pup from chasing after a squirrel outside the designated perimeter. In cases where a rambunctious pup sneaks away, SpotOn offers pup owners the opportunity to track their pup. While this is an additional service and not necessary for the collar to function properly, the team at Happy Pup Manor cannot recommend the tracking feature enough! It helps ease worries of losing even the most curious and active furry friend. Our friends at SpotOn were generous enough to provide us with a special code for 12 months of free tracking. Use the code FREE2ROAM12 when setting up tracking!

Easy to Train

With anything, it will take a few tries for your pup to get adjusted to the virtual fence. The average training time, according to SpotOn, is roughly two to four weeks. Of course, all pups learn at a different rate, so it’s always best to allow extra time for your pup to learn the perimeter fully and what each alert means. 

If you’re worried about training your pup or have had issues with getting them to listen to commands in the past, Happy Pup Manor can help. We offer extensive training programs covering basic commands and manors that can set them up for successful training on the SpotOn collar system. If you’re interested in learning more about our training programs or our expert trainers, you can call or fill out our online contact form to set up a time to speak that works best with you. 

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