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How to Make Separation Easier When Dog Boarding

How to Make Separation Easier When Dog Boarding

How to Make Separation Easier When Dog Boarding

For many people, boarding your dog is a great solution for times when you are going out of town and have to leave them behind. However, boarding can be stressful for some pups, especially if they haven’t been away from you for longer periods of time before. Separation anxiety can manifest in dogs with symptoms like chewing, barking, or even urinating on carpets. While it might be difficult to think about your pet worrying in this way, there are strategies you can implement to help them calm down and adjust during the times that you aren’t around.

Boarding for the First Time

Part of preparing for boarding your dog is recognizing the extent of any stress that they typically experience when you’re gone. Is your dog accustomed to being left alone while you’re at work, or are they by your side at every second of the day? If you have never boarded your dog before, the AKC recommends testing out shorter periods of time away first–perhaps a short stay boarding or even just a few hours with a sitter. Not only will this give you a better idea of how your dog is going to respond to their time in boarding, but it will also help you understand what measures you might need to take to prepare them. 

Tips for Calming Pups While Away

If you’re trying to get your dog acclimated to being without you for a time, there are a number of strategies that you can employ. Be sure not to scold your pup for their anxious behaviors. Instead, the ASPCA suggests helping them develop a positive association with being alone by giving them treats or toys that will last them a while, such as a frozen KONG. Slowly introducing your dog to time alone can be a great solution for countering mild stress, but for more severe cases of separation anxiety, it’s a good idea to discuss your concerns with a professional. 

Keeping Dogs Comfortable While Boarding

When getting your dog ready for boarding, preparation is key. If you have any concerns about their behavior, you may wish to discuss them with our team when booking your reservation. Before your pup is picked up by our complimentary chauffeur, consider packing comforting items for them. Favorite toys or other items that smell like home will help them while you’re gone. 

Luxury Dog Boarding at Happy Pup Manor

While there are certainly stresses involved with boarding your pup, there are many steps that you can take to identify anxious behaviors ahead of time and prepare appropriately. Once you’ve made the right preparations, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of fun for your dog at Happy Pup Manor. With 5 acres of fully-fenced outdoor playspace and other furry friends around, it’s like your dog will be on a vacation of their own. To book a reservation or discuss your dog’s needs with our staff, contact us today. 

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