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How to Find A Good Vet for Your Pup

How to Find A Good Vet for Your Pup

How to Find A Good Vet for Your Pup

There is nothing quite as sad as seeing your pup in pain or suffering from a cold. Fortunately, veterinarian medicine continues to make significant advancements, meaning vets can treat your pup more efficiently, allowing for a speedy recovery and restoration of their happy, energetic selves. Because your puppy’s health is so important, it’s essential to find a veterinarian that both you and your pup like. In addition, having a healthy and happy puppy is essential when looking for training or boarding services. Happy Pup Manor specifically requests that you submit vet records and have your pup up-to-date on their vaccinations before beginning their stay with us.

To help make the process of finding a good vet to establish your pup with, Happy Pup Manor has put together a guide to how to start your search and make the best decision. 

Beginning Your Search

Beginning your search for a vet can seem like the most daunting part of the task. Searching the internet, looking at reviews, and asking friends, family, and trusted members of your community are all time consuming but can yield some of the best results. Dedicating time to perform in-depth research on the veterinarian clinics in your area is one of the greatest things you can do when starting your search. To help narrow down the list of possible vets to investigate further, look for some specific qualifications and information, including:

  •   Certification: Vets that are highly qualified and certified typically have the most relevant and hands-on experience working with animals. Look at certifications, awards, and accreditation when searching for your new vet.
  •   Verified reviews: Checking reviews left by real visitors to the clinic is a great way to learn more about the vet’s bedside manner with animals and information regarding the clinic facility. 
  •   Emergency services: Sometimes, an emergency happens, and you need help with your pup right away. Find a vet that offers after-hours emergency services for your pup, just in case a visit is necessary.
  •   Location: Finding a veterinarian that is close to home is always a great feeling. If possible, look for a highly-rated and accredited vet that is close to home. Fifteen to 30 minutes away is usually a good distance to travel, but if you fall in love with a vet that is a little farther away and they offer better services, always go with the best option!

Of course, we are available to ask questions regarding your pup. Our trainers are always willing to provide insight into local veterinarians and some of the characteristics they look for when looking into a vet to take their fur babies to!  

What to do After Narrowing Down Your Search

Once you’ve selected two or three veterinarians that you think will be a good fit for you and your pup, it’s important to get to know them and their facility before committing to them full-time. Most vets allow for a meet-and-greet appointment where you and your pup can go in and meet with a vet at the facility so that everyone can get acquainted with one another. When meeting with the new vet, you should prepare some questions to help you know them a little better. Consider asking the following when meeting a new vet:

  •   How do you monitor patients that require an overnight stay?
  •   Do you have specialists on staff at this facility? If not, can you refer me if needed?
  •   What does your facility’s vaccination schedule look like?
  •   What type of Heartworm preventatives and treatments do you offer?
  •   Can I easily access my pup’s health records?

While not a comprehensive list, these questions are some of the most important when looking into a vet. Finding a facility that aligns with your treatment beliefs and is willing to work with you to create a treatment that works best for your pup is always a plus. You should also look for a few things when your pup meets with a vet for the first time. Observe how they treat your pup if they are feeling anxious. Do they make an effort to calm your pup before beginning the exam or administering medications? Also, finding a vet that is patient with your questions and is willing to explain information that is difficult to understand is always recommended.

Finding a veterinarian that works well with your puppy and treats them as their own is essential for keeping your puppy healthy and happy. Healthy pups and those that are up-to-date with their required shots are the best candidates for training and boarding at Happy Pup Manor. If your pup is fully protected through their vaccinations and is in great health, contact Gabby to learn about our training and boarding programs! She is here to answer your questions, learn more about your pup, and set up a time for your pup to come to stay with us!

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