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How To Customize Your Training Plan For Your Pup?

How To Customize Your Training Plan For Your Pup?

How To Customize Your Training Plan For Your Pup?

Every pup is unique, and getting to know and explore each behavior, trait, and character your puppy has is an exciting experience. Training your new puppy is a great adventure of discovery, as it allows you to get to know them, their quirks, and what they like to do, creating a unique and special bond.

Personalized or customized training is the best for your pup since it considers your pup’s unique character, temperament, and behavior. This means that your puppy is given personal and tailor-fitted training instead of receiving the same type of training process as other dogs.  

How Can You Customize Your Pup’s Training Plan?

Consider Your Pup’s Breed, Temperament, & Medical Conditions 

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Different breeds have distinct traits, like intelligence, energy level, and sociability. Depending on the breed, dogs can be prone to certain behaviors, like guarding, herding, or retrieving. When understanding your puppy’s character, you must factor in their traits, such as their breed, lineage, and personality. This is why, just like us, no two puppies are entirely alike. For example, you may encounter a puppy with a Labrador or Golden Retriever breed who tends to be reserved and quiet instead of being energetic. 

In addition, puppies can have various medical conditions that contribute to their character. If your puppy has joint issues, it will likely move less and be less active than other pups. These factors are significant when considering training your puppy, so a customized training plan tailored to your pup’s breed, temperament, and medical condition is best since the program is meant just for your puppy.

Think About Your Lifestyle 

How much time do you have to train your pup? What activities do you enjoy doing together? Your lifestyle will play a role in determining the type of training program right for you and your pup. Consider the following when assessing your lifestyle vis-a-vis doing puppy training: 

  1. Time Commitment—Do you have the time to take care of a new puppy in addition to all the things that you are currently doing?
  2. Consistency—Consistency is vital to successful puppy training. Will you be able to provide training to your puppy every day? 
  3. Activity Level – Your puppy needs regular exercise. Identify how you would arrange your schedule so your puppy can get exercise. 
  4. Training Environment—Your home is your pup’s home and training place. Do you have enough space for both you and your puppy to be comfortable while doing home training? 

Set Realistic Goals

While seeing your puppy following commands is very exciting, don’t rush! Don’t try to teach your pup too much too soon, as your puppy can get very overwhelmed and won’t learn anything. You should start with simple commands and gradually increase the difficulty as your pup progresses. 

Be Patient and Consistent

71Mry9JqJoL. AC SL1500Training takes time and patience. Your puppy will need time to get used to training and additional time to learn the commands. Don’t feel frustrated or disappointed if your puppy takes time to learn. It is not your or your puppy’s fault. What is important is that you stay patient, be consistent with teaching the commands, and continue giving positive reinforcement, like giving your pup’s favorite chews or treats!

Find a Qualified Trainer

If you’re struggling to train your pup independently, that’s okay! Consider hiring a qualified trainer to help you create a customized training plan for your pup’s needs. Ensure you carefully choose your pup’s professional trainer since they will handle your pup’s learning and spend a lot of time with them. 

Finding a board-and-train program like Happy Pup Manor is one of the best ways to get your puppy to learn effectively. Your puppy will be staying in a place where we can watch over, observe, and provide a routine to maximize efficiency and better learning. They can socialize with other pups and meet new human friends, improving their socialization skills. 

Contact us now to learn more about our customized training program for your puppy! 

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