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Homegrown Happiness: The Wolf River Bernedoodles Difference

Homegrown Happiness: The Wolf River Bernedoodles Difference

Homegrown Happiness: The Wolf River Bernedoodles Difference

Follow The Flow And Catch Your Wolf River Bernedoodle Puppy

Home to majestic forests and rushing waters, Wolf River in Neenah, Wisconsin is a great place for river activities and trout fishing. In this wonderful place also sits a puppy home that is famous for whelping and raising the most adorable bernedoodle puppies that go on to warm the homes and hearts of their future families.

Dedicated to bringing love and companionship, Wolf River Bernedoodles is renowned for breeding playful, intelligent, strong, and healthy bernedoodle puppies. Their expertise covers Standard Bernedoodle puppies which are a hybrid between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog weighing 50 lbs and up; and Mini Bernedoodles which are slowly bred down in size over time, weighing around 25-49 lbs.

Key Highlights:

  • Health Testing:

    • Genetic and DNA Testing

    • Tests for hips, elbows, heart, and patellas/ thyroid

    • Vet-checked with their first puppy shots and deworming

  • Training Initiatives

    • Early Neurological Stimulation

    • Sound Desensitization

    • Socialization & Exposure to Real Life Experiences

  • Health Warranty: 2 years

  • Deposit: $500 non-refundable

  • Price Range: All Bernedoodle puppies are $3,200 regardless of size, type, and color

Finest Bernedoodles at a Reasonable Price

Depending on the litter, each Bernedoodle puppy can come in diverse coats, fur colors, and patterns such as tri-color, sable, bi-color, phantom, parti-color, mismarked, solid, merle, and brindle. With the vision of changing lives through happy and healthy puppies, all Standard and Mini Bernedoodle puppies are priced at $3,200 regardless of size and color.

Since Wolf River Bernedoodles has a long waiting list, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required, with the remaining amount to be paid upon picking up your puppy.

Puppy Selection and Payment Process

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At Wolf River Bernedoodles, their commitment to excellence through years of hard work and experience in breeding dogs is always a topmost priority. You can place your inquiries and reserve your puppy through their website, email, or phone call. You will then be asked to complete an online “Puppy Application” which will be reviewed for approval or further clarification.

Once approved, you will be placing a non-refundable deposit of $500 which is applied to the purchase price of the puppy and will secure your spot in the waiting list with your preferred pup. When the puppies are in their fourth week, customers who are on the waiting list are contacted to identify who is interested in the puppies in the current litter.

You can then select your puppy in person or virtually on their sixth-week mark and personally pick them up and bring them home sometime when they are between 7-8 weeks old. If the puppies will be traveling via air cabin to a different state, they will need to have reached their eighth week before they can be allowed to travel to ensure their health and safety.

The Wolf River Bernedoodles Breeding Excellence

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Years of experience and meticulous hard work allowed Wolf River Bernedoodles to get the most wonderful traits of a playful Bernese mountain dog and the intelligent poodle to produce the best variations of Bernedoodle pups. They take pride in their breeding lines of their own Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles to ensure that only healthy dogs with outstanding temperaments are produced.

Because Wolf River Bernedoodles believe that a puppy’s early experience shapes their future behavior, their breeding program focuses on raising their puppies in a home environment alongside their other pets. The Bernedoodle puppies receive continuous socialization from birth and are introduced to real-world situations, aiming for a seamless transition to their new homes. This intentional socialization process contributes to the development of calmer and more adaptable dogs, reducing anxiety and stress.

Puppies are exposed to real-life experiences and scenarios, exposing them to early neurological stimulation and sound desensitization, like exposure to various places and sounds like airplanes, vehicles, and children. They are even taken on car rides to the vet to make their early experiences as near to what they will experience in their future homes. These early stimulation practices ensure that they will become great family pets.

Health Testing

The commitment to excellence at Wolf River Bernedoodles goes beyond providing a comfortable living environment. From conscientious health screening and testing that will ensure the absence of hips/heart/elbow/patellas/thyroid issues to veterinary check-ups, first puppy shots, and puppy deworming, their goal is to ensure that every aspect is carefully examined so that each Bernedoodle puppy is healthy and thriving.

The Bernese and Poodle Magic of the Wolf River Bernedoodles

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Wolf River Bernedoodles is recognized as one of the most acclaimed breeders of lovable Bernedoodles in Wisconsin and the USA. A crossbreed of the Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle brings a double dose of fun. The Bernedoodle pups have acquired a loving, playful, friendly, and affectionate temperament with a low-shedding and hypo-allergenic coat, making them a perfect companion, especially for families with children.

Wolf River Bernedoodles has a strong belief that every pup she be born and reared in a loving home, that is why all of their puppies are delivered and kept in their own home. Not only does this practice produce the best pups for owners and families, but a lot of them even go on to become either an emotional support dog, therapy dog, or service dog.

Closest Major Cities from Wolf River Bernedoodles

  1. Appleton, WI: Neighboring cities, within a few miles.

  2. Oshkosh, WI: 20 miles southwest

  3. Green Bay, WI: 40 miles north

  4. Fond du Lac, WI: 30 miles south

  5. Sheboygan, WI: 70 miles east

Unleashing Joy: The Wolf River Bernedoodles Way

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Wolf River Bernedoodles is not just in the business of breeding Poodles and Bernese Mountain dogs; they are in the business of spreading joy. Many have shared how these little pups grow to become excellent family dogs and provide additional warmth and love in every home.

They keep their website up to date as well as their Facebook and Instagram accounts. These are the places where you can stay informed about upcoming litters of puppies and find out which puppies are currently being reared for adoption.

The testimonials from delighted owners and families echo the sentiment that these Bernedoodles are not just pets—they are life companions, confidantes, and sources of boundless happiness.

Need Help in Picking Your Adorable Bernedoodle?

At Happy Pup Manor, we are here for you, equipped with extensive expertise in all doodle breeds. Our dedication is to make your transition smooth and delightful with personalized and devoted assistance.

Reach out to us for expert training either by phone at 847-902-0773 or by email at concierge@happypupmanor.com. We are excited to assist you!

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