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Grooming Essentials for Your Pup

Grooming Essentials for Your Pup

Grooming Essentials for Your Pup

Grooming is necessary for maintaining the health and wellness of your pup.  There are three areas you should have a regular schedule to address – coat, nails, and teeth.

Introducing these to your puppy is a good path to a happy life where the dog is tolerant of being handled by groomers and vets and having grooming procedures performed.  The team at Happy Pup Manor want your pup to feel and look as good as possible, which is why we put together this list of grooming essentials you should invest in when you get a new pup!

Coat Care

The breed of dog will significantly impact the level of care required for their coat.  Pups with longer coats will require more frequent grooming to prevent matting and skin infections. Short-haired pups have less hair to work with but still require regular bathing and nail trimming to keep clean and well-kept. Grooming will allow you to inspect your pup’s skin and coat condition and help you detect any issues early. It is a great idea to keep a journal of any changes so you can show your veterinarian.

Bathe your pup at least once a month for optimal coat care. Purchase a shampoo that made especially for your pup. We love the natural dog shampoo with colloidal oatmeal and lavender essential oil by Pet Pleasant. It is soothing for pups with sensitive skin and helps to combat irritation and flakiness.  If your pup is larger than your bathtub, many pet supply stores offer baths that you can rent.  If it’s a convenient stop on a walk, give it a try – your lower back will thank you!

If your pup is uncomfortable with the bathing process and is always trying to escape the bath, try getting a licking mat. Put any sticky substance like peanut butter that is safe your pup to eat on the mat to keep them distracted.

If your puppy’s coat is prone to matting or tangling, investing in a quality detangling spray is your best option. Not only will this product make brushing faster, but it will also make the experience more pleasurable for your pup. Brushing with a durable brush made for your pup’s coat type will also help with the process. This Big G Slicker Brush is a great option for pups with longer coats. The tines are long and sturdy, helping you to brush down to the base of the coat where matting usually begins.

Note – if you fall behind in the care of your pup’s curly coat and it becomes matted, you may have no choice but to have the coat shaved off.  Do not let your pup’s coat get to this point, it is uncomfortable for them the same as it would be for you!

Nail Trimming

All puppies need their nails trimmed. Get into the habit of trimming your pup’s nails at least once per month. Nail trimming will help prevent problems that come along with long nails, such as difficulty walking – which can lead to toe and paw joint issues. Decide if you will trim your pup’s nails yourself or if you will leave it to a professional groomer or veterinarian.

If you are going to cut your pup’s nails yourself, invest in a sturdy pair of nail trimmers specifically made for pups. The Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer is a great option. The sharp edges allow for proper grooming and last a long time. These are best suited for small to medium-sized pups.

We recommend keeping a blood-clotting product on hand just in case you nick your pup while trimming. The DOGSWELL Remedy + Recovery Blood Stopper is a great choice. This styptic powder is a fast-acting, safe way to promote clotting in the wound to keep it from continuing to bleed.

Oral Health

Even puppies need their teeth brushed! Brush your pup’s teeth at least once per day to help maintain oral health. We love to use the Nylabone dental kit. This kit comes with a traditional toothbrush as well as a finger brush and pup-safe toothpaste. This scientifically formulated paste helps to reduce plaque buildup and keep your puppy’s mouth free of bacteria.

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