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Five Basic Puppy Training Commands to Learn 

Five Basic Puppy Training Commands to Learn 

Five Basic Puppy Training Commands to Learn 

When you get a new puppy, taking time to train your puppy yourself or enlist the help of a professional trainer is strongly recommended. By training your puppy, you’re not only giving them the stimulation that they need to thrive and setting expectations for behaviors in your home, but you’re also building your relationship with your pup and developing trust and companionship. If you’re struggling with where to start, we strongly recommend reaching out to our professional trainers to inquire about our training programs at Happy Pup Manor. In the meantime, here are five basic puppy training commands to teach—


Teaching your dog to sit is one of the most basic commands. Being able to get your pup to sit on command is important for feeding, interacting with others and meeting new people, crossing the street, and more. 


Stay is an important command that demonstrates good listening, but is also important for another crucial reason: safety. Sure, stay is great for playtime, but it’s also critical to be able to tell your dog to stay when there is danger—such as a busy road—and know that they’ll respond. 


Nothing is more frustrating than calling your dog to come and having them completely ignore you. This, too, can also be a safety concern. “Come” is one of the most important commands to teach early on and constantly reinforce. 

Leave It

Is your dog one of the pups that loves to eat anything that they can possibly find on the ground? Or is your pup very sociable, sometimes to the point where you worry about another dog’s or person’s boundaries? Teaching the command “leave it” can be essential for these situations. 


The “place” command teaches your dog to go to an identified spot and stay there until you release them from this command. The place command can come in handy when the doorbell rings, when you’re out adventuring, or other times you need your pup to stay in a specified location. 

Get Help Teaching Basic Commands and More

At Happy Pup Manor, we specialize in teaching the above basic commands as well as other good behaviors and manners, such as housetraining, crate training, and walking on a leash. We also unteach bad behaviors, such as barking, puppy biting and mouthiness, and counter-surfing. 

Our training programs run for 10 days, four weeks, or eight weeks. Talk to our professionals to learn more about the different training programs and which may be right for your puppy. Call us today to get started! 

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