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Deciding Where Your New Puppy Will Potty

Deciding Where Your New Puppy Will Potty

Deciding Where Your New Puppy Will Potty

I get a lot of clients asking “where should I potty my new puppy?”.

There are a few different options for training your puppy to potty. Just make sure you always use the same location for your new puppy while they are learning.

  • Dog Run
  • Designated area
  • Indoor Potty Systems

You can choose from different surfaces, such as grass, concrete, artificial grass, gravel, or puppy pads.

Dog Run

A dog run is typically a smaller fenced area that may be covered for your pup to potty.  This is a nice option to consider if you want your yard to stay nice and poop free.

Designated area in the yard

You can train your new puppy to only potty in one area of the yard. The advantages are it makes for easy cleanup but the disadvantage is it takes more time and effort to train.

You will need a different surface like mulch or gravel or visuals such as flags to help train your puppy the boundary of where they should potty.

Indoor Potty System

For condos or city living, you might consider using potty pads or some other indoor potty system. Potty pads are great if you live in high-rises because they help you with those in-between trips to go outside. Most potty pads are placed in a common area for your puppy and then gradually moved to an area that is out of the way. If you live in an urban area, your puppy will typically learn to potty on a combination of all different kinds of surfaces, even possibly concrete.

If you have a male puppy, consider getting him a fire hydrant. It helps them aim. They have sprays that you can buy to help stimulate where to go.

Just remember whichever method works for you and your family, just keep it consistent!

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