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Cool Summer Treat Ideas Your Dog Will Love

Cool Summer Treat Ideas Your Dog Will Love

Cool Summer Treat Ideas Your Dog Will Love

Once your dog is home from their stay at Happy Pup Manor, you might be looking for some ways to spend time with them. With summer on its way, there’s lots of ways to enjoy the warm weather at the beach. Whether it’s ice cream or your favorite latte, humans have no shortage of cold treats to enjoy–but under the summer sun, your dog gets hot too! Unfortunately, many of the foods you enjoy are not friendly to a dog’s diet, but there are still plenty of cool summer treats your pup can enjoy. 

Choosing Dog-Friendly Foods

Before trying your hand at any homemade treat recipes, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the ingredients that dogs can and cannot ingest. Ingredients that are harmful to dogs can hide in surprising places. For instance, xylitol, an artificial sweetener, is toxic to dogs and can be found in some variations of food that are otherwise fine for your pup to eat. (Notably, canned pumpkin might contain it.) If you have any doubts about what you are feeding your dog, it’s a good idea to research first or ask your veterinarian. 

Summertime Treat Recipes for Your Pup

Once you’re familiar with the foods that your pup can eat, you can get to cooking. Many of these treat ideas require little to no preparation, but will be no less appreciated by your furry friends. 

  • Ice Cubes of Frozen Fruits and Veggies: Many dogs love the feeling of crunching on something cold. These treats are easy to pull from the freezer and give to your dog. The AKC recommends putting things like broth or fruit into an ice cube tray for an extra tasty delight as your dog chomps down. 
  • Blueberry Frozen Bones: Blueberries are among the fruits and vegetables that dogs can safely enjoy. In fact, they’re just as healthy for your pup as they are for you. This recipe for blueberry frozen yogurt can be made in bone-shaped molds for a bit of adorable flair (and yes, you can eat them too.)
  • Starbucks Puppuccino: If you love coffee and you aren’t familiar with the puppuccino, now is the time to try it. Most Starbucks locations will present you with a small cup of whipped cream so your dog can join you on your next coffee run.
  • Watermelon: Summer is the season for ripe watermelon, and it’s extra tasty cold. Seedless watermelon is a safe treat for dogs all on its own, but like many other fruits, you can also freeze it into a pupsicle

Summer Fun with Happy Pup Manor

These cold treat ideas are a great way to give your dog something special to keep cool in the summer. There’s lots of great ways to spend time with your pup in the warmer months; to get them ready for outings, consider enrolling them in a training course with Happy Pup Manor. We only offer the best for your furry friend, with 5 acres of outdoor playspace. To learn more about our luxury training and boarding services, contact us today. 

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