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Complete Puppy Essentials List

Complete Puppy Essentials List

Complete Puppy Essentials List

Bringing home a new puppy can be an exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience! After all, a lot goes into preparing for your new family member! To help assist in the process of getting a new pup, Happy Pup Manor has put together the ultimate list of everything you will need for when you bring your puppy home!


It is very important to have a safe place for your puppy. Keeping them secure while you’re driving home for the first time, keeping them from things they shouldn’t eat while you’re away, and assisting with the potty training process are just a few examples of how proper containment helps when you get a new pup. Here are the best items to keep in mind when you’re thinking of containment for your puppy:

  • Crate: Your pup needs to be comfortable and secure in the places they will stay and sleep. Purchasing a crate large enough for your pup to be comfortable is important. They come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate any size pup you have. Crate training also encourages quick potty training.
  • Crate Pad: While in the crate, let your puppy sleep on an inexpensive pad or an old towel. Not only will this keep them from lying on the hard floor or uncomfortable cage bottom, but it will also help to contain any accidents while you are potty training.
  • Pet Pen: Investing in a sturdy pet pen helps keep your pup contained long-term. The Clearly Loved Pet Pen is a great option, as the clear durable sides allow you to see what your puppy is doing at all times.
  • Plastic Panel Pens: These are a great way to keep your pup from running the house and getting into places they shouldn’t be. We prefer plastic pens over the metal pens, as they don’t scratch the floors and tend to keep their shape better.
  • Baby Gate: Baby gates are a great option if you want to give your pup access to an entire room while still keeping them from other parts of your home. Use them in doorways or stairways to keep your puppy out of trouble.
  • Free-Standing Baby Gate: If you have larger than average doorways or don’t want to place a baby gate against your wall, use a free-standing baby gate. You can section off a part of your room or yard to create a play area just for your pup!
  • SpotOn Collar: These electric fence collars work with GPS to keep your pup within a set boundary, no fence installation needed. If you have a lake house, move, or are visiting a friend or family member, you can set a new GPS boundary to prevent your pup from wandering away.
  • Indoor Electric Barrier: If you have rooms you do not want your pup to get into but don’t want to put an unsightly gate up, consider investing in an indoor electric fence.
  • Seatbelt and Sleepypod: Traveling without securing your pups can be dangerous. Invest in a sleeping pod for your pup to protect them and yourself. SleepyPod tests all their products to ensure their safety and durability in case of an accident. They have carriers for small pups and harnesses for bigger pups.


 Who doesn’t love a good toy? Puppies need a variety of toys to keep them entertained while they explore their new home. All pups have different preferences when it comes to toys. While you’re learning what your puppy does and does not like, consider purchasing a variety.

  • Bark Box: Dog toys from the store can get pretty boring after a while. They all seem to be the same thing. Try mixing it up and adding some excitement to your pup’s life by trying out Bark Box! They offer a 1-month free trial that allows you to get high-quality, cute puppy toys sent directly to your front door! Each month has a different theme, so your pup will never get bored with the same old, same old again!
  • Tennis Balls: When you think puppy toys, you most likely think tennis balls. They are the most iconic pet toy of all, and we believe everyone needs at least one!
  • Stuffed Toy: Every pup needs their own stuffed toy to cuddle and love. Find one with crinkles and squeaks, and that fits in perfectly in their mouth.
  • Squeaky Pig: This pig from Walmart took the internet by storm and turned into a viral sensation that all dogs love! Pick one up for your pup and enjoy the hours of entertainment they’ll get from it, and the fun sound it makes when squeaked!
  • Kong: Kong toys are another iconic toy for your puppy. Pups love to chew on them, and you can freeze different treat mixtures inside as a sneaky, tasty snack for your pup!
  • Rope Toy: If your pup loves to eat the ends of your rug, think about getting a rope toy! The material of the rope mimics that of your rug but is safe and acceptable for your puppy to chew on.

Training Tools and Treats

 Training your puppy is a must and should be started right away. Puppies are extremely moldable and smarter than you think, meaning they hold on to everything they learn. You may be surprised by how much and fast they learn! Check out the following items to help make training a breeze.

  • Bait Bag: These are an absolute must when you’re starting the training process. Bait bags can hold a lot of treats, decreasing the number of times you have to go and get more treats while training your pup. If you’re planning to carry treats with a strong odor, such as liver treats, line them with a disposable baggie to contain the smell to the bag. You can also store bait bags inside your fridge to keep treats fresh and ready for your next training session.
  • Zuke’s Dog Treats: These are a soft, chewy, and tasty treat your pup will love while they’re training.
  • Pet Botanics Training Treats: Another great option to try with your puppy while training.
  • Clicker: A clicker is a training essential for new puppies. Use it to mark the desired behavior within 2 seconds of it occurring to reinforce the behavior. Clickers are one of the clearest forms of communication for pup training.
  • Mat: Every puppy needs structure, especially when it comes to guests arriving in their home. Use a mat as a designated command area that they can go to when visitors come over or in other situations.

Potty Training

Although potty training can be stressful, the items listed below will help keep you and your pup on the right track. For the best results, create a schedule and watch your puppy whenever they are out of containment. It is hard at first, but stick with it and your pup will be potty trained in no time!

  • Poop Bags: Everybody needs poop bags, whether you’re potty training or not. These biodegradable bags are a great option to clean up your pup’s mess while also being environmentally conscious.
  • Bark Potty: These are great alternatives to living grass patches. Use a highly absorbent, lightweight bark potty if you don’t want your pup going potty in your yard, or indoors on your floors. They can last up to a month, and even come with built-in poop bags!
  • Potty Pads: Potty pads are great for on-the-go potty breaks at hotels or the airport. You can also use them inside your pup’s crate to catch any accidents without making a mess of the surrounding area and their bed.
  • Carpet Cleaner: All puppies have potty accidents. It’s nothing to get upset about! This spray is great at cleaning the mess while also eliminating the urine odor that draws the puppy back to the same spot to potty in.


Puppies love to chew whatever they can get their mouths on. It is how they explore their new home! Puppies can teeth up until they are 8 months old, meaning you have a few months of an extra-chewy pup ahead of you. Luckily, a puppy’s extra sharp teeth are gone by the time they are four and a half months old. That being said, make sure to have a proper outlet for your pup to teeth on.

  • Odor-Free Bully Sticks: Puppies love Bully Sticks. They tend to last a fairly long time, giving your pup an extended source of entertainment. They come in a great odor-free option, which we highly recommend as they can be quite stinky.
  • Nylabone 3-Piece Set: Puppies and adult pups alike love Nylabones. They are a constructive way to work out your pup’s natural need to chew!
  • Wishbone Chew: Wishbone chews are another great option designed with your puppy in mind. The flavor is one your pup will love, and they will want to chew on it for hours.
  • Beef Trachea: Puppies will go crazy for this chew! Beef trachea chews are a tasty option, but they tend to be eaten quicker than a bully stick. It’s a great idea to swat out the two from time-to-time to give your pup a variety.

Walking, Collars, and Leashes with ID 

Having control over your pup is needed, especially if they are very active while out on walks or in public. These tools will help you keep your puppy safe while you’re out on the town.

  • Basic Buckle Collar: This collar comes in an assortment of great colors, meaning you can keep your pup safe while also keeping them stylish! You don’t want to purchase a pricey collar at first since your puppy will grow out of it rather quickly.
  • Double-Handled Leash: We love double-handled leashes! You can let your pup have the whole leash to go potty, and then corral them in with the smaller section when you’re on the move.
  • Slip Lead: A slip lead allows you to quickly slip a leash on and off your puppy’s neck without the need to find the leash loop on your pup’s collar.
  • Dog Tag: All puppies need identification. Get an ID tag with you and your pup’s names and the best phone number to call in case of an emergency. This will keep your pup safe if they happen to slip off the leash or get out of your yard.
  • Martingale Collar: These collars are helpful because your puppy cannot slip or pull the collar off their neck, as it gets smaller the more they tug on it.
  • Long Leash: If you want to take your puppy to a large outdoor area but still keep them contained, think about getting a long leash. You can let the leash drag on the ground without them running away.
  • Jacket: If you’re from the Chicago area, you know how cold our winters can get. Invest in a quality jacket for when your pup is out and about in the colder months. This jacket is a durable option that comes in a variety of fun colors.

Puppy Food Options and Storage

Just like you, your pup is what they eat! The quality of your pup’s food is as important as the type of food you are feeding them. Make sure that whichever food you’re feeding your pup meets or exceeds the AAFCO guidelines.

  • Primal Freeze-Dried Food: This food is what we feed our pups. It is an extremely high-quality food that offers a complete and balanced diet for your pup.
  • Life’s Abundance Dog Food: This is a great kibble option for your pup. It’s a great way to track what is in your pup’s food since Life’s Abundance keeps a close eye on what is going into each bag of food.
  • Storage Container: This 3-piece storage set is a great option for storing your pup’s food. The set comes with 2 different sized airtight containers and a scoop to make measuring your pup’s food easy.
  • Stainless Steel Bowl with Silicone Mat: Having a high-quality bowl your pup can eat out of is essential. This bowl comes with a fun mat that helps keep the mess off your floor. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to match with any home interior.
  • Treat Feeder: Keeping your puppy entertained between meals is important. This treat feeder not only helps keep your pup occupied while also rewarding them with a treat. You can also put meals in the feeder to help control eating speed.


Grooming is an essential part of puppy care and should be started early. Getting your pup used to grooming from an early age will help them be more comfortable with it as they get older. These supplies are a great way to jumpstart your pup’s grooming routine!

  • Nail Trimmer: Puppy nails can get long fast. You’ll want to decide if you want to trim your pup’s nails yourself or if you will feel more comfortable having a professional trim them. It’s important to know that, depending on where you go, it can cost up to $15 per trim. It’s important to trim your pup’s nails at least once a month. If you feel up to the task, these clippers are a great option to have at home.

In addition to nail clippers, if you decide to trim your pup’s nails at home, it’s a good idea to keep a blood stopper on hand. Puppies move and squirm a lot, and an accident is bound to happen. This is a great blood stopper that is safe and quick to use for your pup.

  • Detangling Spray: Brushing your pup is important, but it can be a hassle if they have long, curly hair. Using a detangling spray will make the brushing process easier and faster.
  • CC Brush: This is an amazing brush for puppies that will have long coats as adults. The tines are long and sturdy, which will help you reach the base of their fur and prevent matting.
  • Shampoo: A clean pup keeps mats away. Get your puppy used to baths from a young age so they will be easier to bath as they get older. Baths should be given at least once a month, but can be more frequent if your pup likes to get dirty!
  • Licking Mat: Licking mats help make the bathing process a positive one. Put any sort of sticky substance that is safe for your pup to ingest on the mat and it will keep them occupied for the duration of their bath.
  • Toothbrush: Your pup’s teeth should be brushed at least once a day to maintain a healthy mouth. This toothbrush is a great option because it comes with a traditional toothbrush and a finger brush for easy teeth cleaning.

First Aid

Accidents happen, no matter how careful we are. That being said, you should always keep a first aid kit designed specifically for your pup on hand in case of an emergency. The following options are great to keep in your kit and will hold you over until you can get your pup seen by a veterinarian.

  • Vet Wrap: Vet wrap is a bandage that provides support and protection for your pup in emergencies. The breathable material allows the skin to breathe, which helps increase the healing time for your pup. Vet Wrap comes in multiple sizes and colors offers a 100% satisfaction policy to all customers.
  • Gauze Pads: Before applying Vet Wrap, be sure to apply a gauze pad. It will act as an absorbent and protective barrier on any open wounds until you are able to get your pup seen by a vet.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: All puppies get into things they aren’t supposed to. If this happens and you need to include vomiting, hydrogen peroxide is a great option. Give your pup 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight. Before inducing vomiting, always consult your veterinarian.
  • Antibacterial Ointment: Small cuts and scrapes happen from time to time. You will want to invest in an antibacterial ointment to put on any wounds your pup may get to prevent infection.
  • Benadryl: Benadryl is great to have on hand in case of an allergic reaction. Give your pup 1 milligram per pound of body weight. Always contact your veterinarian before administering any medication to your pup. They will ultimately know what is best for the situation, as well as your puppy.
  • Syringe: When you need to administer liquid medications, having a syringe is handy. To make medication more appealing to your pup, consider adding corn syrup to the mix.

Contact Happy Pup Manor! 

Now that you know all the essentials you’ll need for your new pup, it’s time to think about training and boarding! Start your puppy on the right track with our experienced, friendly trainers. We offer training programs that range from ten days to sixteen weeks. We’ll train your puppy in a variety of manners and obedience commands while giving them a safe space to learn. If you need to board your puppy while you are out of town, Happy Pup Manor offers extended boarding as well. Call or fill out our online contact form to set up a time to speak that works for you. We can’t wait to discuss your puppy and what we can do to assist you!

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