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Puppy Training Park Ridge

Puppy Training Park Ridge

When you’re looking for award-winning, breed-specific puppy training near Park Ridge, Gabby and her team at Happy Pup Manor are here to help. From obedience commands to service dog training, our trainers can do it all. All of our four-legged students participate in our tailored training programs while staying in a comfortable, home-like environment conducive to meeting their training goals. Call the Manor today to discuss your pup’s needs.

Doodles and Retrievers and More, Oh My!

While all puppies have unique and lovable personalities, pups of the same breed have similar training styles that work well for their needs. That, combined with the desire to create a safe, friendly space for all of our furry visitors, is why Happy Pup Manor specializes in Doodles, Retrievers, and a selection of smaller breeds. Selective, breed-specific training allows for a more comfortable, fun, and productive environment for all pups involved and allows our trainers to specialize in specific training methods.

Impressive Results in a Comfortable Environment

Gabby, Happy Pup Manor’s owner and lead trainer, channels her lifelong love of animals into her training programs here at the Manor. Several clients refer to her as the “Doodle Whisperer” due to her uncanny ability to connect with Doodle puppies and adults and bring out the best of their personalities. Her experience and success rate have made her the go-to trainer for clients across the country, from east to west coast. 

We offer puppy training programs that cater to a variety of training goals. Our programs include:

  • One hour of 1:1 training
  • Plenty of supervised play
  • Reinforcement in a home environment
  • At-home post-training family lesson
  • Complimentary chauffeur services to and from the Manor
  • Luxurious grooming season before departing

The five-star experience doesn’t end with our trainers. When your pup stays at the Manor for puppy training near Park Ridge, they live a life of complete luxury. Our trainees stay on the first level of our 6,500 square foot family home and have access to our five-acre, fenced-in yard that rivals even the best public pup parks. Pup safety is our top priority, which is why we have a team of trained professionals on-site ready to help if your pup needs it. We work to cater to all pup needs, including administering necessary medications, following specific dietary requirements, and caring for your puppy as if they are our own. Plus, we will send you picture and video updates on your pup so you can see their progress and happiness while staying with us.

Schedule Your Personalized Consultation Today

Puppy training near Park Ridge is made easy when your furry friend stays with Happy Pup Manor! Whether you’re looking for obedience and manners training or require a specialized program for service, therapy, or emotional support dogs, our team can help you. Call Gabby today to schedule a personalized consultation and discuss your specific training wants and needs. We can’t wait to transform your pup and bring out the best of their unique and lovable personality!