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Puppy Obedience Training Chicago

Puppy Obedience Training Chicago

Happy Pup Manor is proud to offer puppy obedience training near Chicago for doodle, retriever, and small breed puppies. We have a passion for assisting pup owners with bringing out the best of their pups. From obedience to specialized training programs, the experienced trainers at Happy Pup Manor can offer you the best and most luxurious puppy obedience training near Chicago.

Our Chicago Puppy Obedience Training

As award-winning trainers, Happy Pup Manor offers comprehensive and intensive puppy obedience training near Chicago. Our in-depth training programs are designed to establish a solid foundation of obedience and manners that can be expanded upon as they grow. When your pup spends their first weeks at the Manor, they build this foundation through both group and one-on-one training.

During their time at Happy Pup Manor, your pup will learn the essentials of obedience. Puppies learn commands such as sit, stay, down, and come. These commands are taught through various forms of training each day they are with us. Our programs include:

  • Group training
  • One hour of individual training
  • Continued reinforcement in a home setting
  • Supervised play with other pups in our puppy obedience training

Since we only accept puppies from specific breeds, our trainers have in-depth knowledge and familiarity with what your pup needs to learn. Plus, having puppies that are of similar temperament allows each pup in our programs to play and socialize without an issue.

Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Training

In addition to our expert puppy obedience training near Chicago, Happy Pup Manor assists families in specialized training. Our trainers are experienced in training service, therapy, and emotional support puppies. Each program hits upon the specific targets that each pup is required to master before certification. Before you sign your puppy up for specialized training, it is essential to know the difference between each type of certification:

  • Emotional Support Pups: An emotional support puppy’s primary goal is to offer support and comfort to their owner. While not legally required to receive in-depth training, it is always recommended that your emotional support pup goes through at least obedience training to ensure they have that foundation of good behavior.
  • Therapy Pups: Therapy pups are often used within a professional setting to offer comfort to hospital patients, therapy clients, and nursing home residents. It takes a particular temperament to become a therapy puppy, and Happy Pup Manor is more than willing to assist in selecting the right pup.  
  • Service Pups: While emotional support and therapy pups play vital roles, service pups are some of the most substantial and critical to their owners. Service pups go through intensive training to assist disabled owners with day-to-day life. Happy Pup Manor assists in training their service pup and ensure they are prepared for the required testing to become a certified service puppy.

Sign Up for Puppy Obedience Training Near Chicago Today

If you’re interested in enrolling your furry friend in puppy obedience training near Chicago, don’t hesitate to contact Happy Pup Manor. Our lead trainer Gabby is here to chat about your training needs and work out a program that best suits your pup.