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Puppy Classes Near Me

Welcoming a puppy to the family is a joyful experience. But as anyone who has ever gotten a new puppy will tell you, puppies are a lot of work. From accidents in the house to jumping to puppy biting and more, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed—even if you’re completely in love with your new four-legged friend.  At Happy Pup Manor, we offer trusted training services for puppies that get results. If you’ve been searching for “puppy classes near me,” we have you covered. Reach out to us today to get your puppy enrolled and start seeing behavior changes you’ll love. 

What Your Puppy Will Learn During Puppy Classes

We want your puppy to learn basic obedience commands and improve their manners. Things that your puppy will learn when they stay with us include:

  • Commands, including sit, stay, come, place, leave it, and place
  • Good manners, including housetraining, how to walk on a leash, crate training, correction of puppy mouthing and biting, and not to bark, jump, or counter surf

Depending on the program length and type that you choose as well as the age of your puppy, your pup may also learn more advanced behaviors. We maintain emotional support animal training, therapy dog training, and service dog training programs, too. 

Training Program Lengths

When you enroll your puppy in one of our training programs, they’ll need to stay with us for a set amount of time. Our program lengths are as follows:

  • 10 days. Our shortest program length is 10 days. This is a foundational program that provides all of the basic training information a pup should know. This is a great program choice for any pup under three years old. 
  • Four weeks. The four-week training program is more intensive than the 10-day program, and your dog will emerge from this program with a solid understanding of their commands which, with practice at home, will last a lifetime. If you’re thinking about putting your dog in other training programs, such as therapy dog training, this program is ideal. 
  • Eight weeks. Our eight-week program is designed for puppies to stay with us during the majority of their housetraining times. By living with us for a full two months, your puppy will develop a lifetime of good behavior. 

How to Make a Reservation Today

If you know that puppy training is something that your new addition to the family could benefit from, then we highly encourage you to reach out to us directly to make a reservation. You can submit a question online, call us directly, or schedule a time to come and visit our property and see our space for yourself. Our property features five acres of fenced yard for running and playing. We only work with doodles, retrievers, and other small breed dogs.

Investing in puppy classes near me can lead to good behaviors for life that improves the bond between you and your pup and keeps everyone happy. To learn more, reach out to us today online or by phone. We are here to help.