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Puppy Classes Evanston

Puppy Classes Evanston

Happy Pup Manor is proud to offer puppy classes near Evanston for Doodles, Retrievers, and a limited selection of smaller breeds. We have the most robust and immersive training experiences in the Chicagoland area, from traditional obedience classes and manners training to specialized courses for those interested in emotional support pups, service dogs, and therapy puppy services. Please reach out to Gabby if you’re interested in learning more about our offerings!

Immersive Training in a Home Environment

To help maximize your pup’s training abilities, we welcome furry family members into our 6,500 square foot home. This provides your puppy with an atmosphere that closely resembles their own home, complete with enticing everyday distractions such as visitors, delicious smells from the kitchen, and a plethora of toys.

Training in a home environment also helps your puppy to feel comfortable and more receptive to learning. In addition, since we train multiple pups of the same breed at the same time, your dog will also have the opportunity to form bonds and make new furry friends with puppies that have similar play styles and personalities. 

Specialized Programs for Every Training Need

Our training team offers various puppy classes near Evanston that are tailored to specific training goals and needs. Our basic training programs cover standard obedience commands such as sit, stay, and drop it, and manners, including mouthiness, barking and jumping. These programs vary in length – anywhere from 10 days to 8 weeks, depending on age and your end goal. In addition, Happy Pup Manor is also proud to offer a series of specialized puppy classes that prepare your pup for service-based positions, such as emotional support pups, therapy puppies, and service dogs. Each of these programs covers everything your pup will need to know to be successful in their significant role in your life and those around them.

  • Therapy Pups: These puppies are used to provide support and bring happiness to those that need it most. Therapy pups are often found working in nursing homes, schools, and hospitals. Doodles and Retrievers are great candidates for therapy-based training due to their loyal personalities and faster learning capabilities.
  • Emotional Support Puppies: We utilize our relationships with some of the most trusted breeders across the country to help you find the perfect pup to meet your goals and needs. Your puppy will learn how to comfort you when you need it the most through obedience and manners training.
  • Service Dogs: Service dogs play an essential role in the lives of those with a disability. You will often see them working alongside those with health conditions, blindness, and other conditions.

Contact Happy Pup Manor Today to Learn More About Our Puppy Classes Near Evanston

Are you ready to sign your pup up for luxurious, award-winning puppy classes near Evanston? Contact our lead trainer Gabby to learn more about our programs and discuss your specific training needs. We work hard to accommodate pups of all ages and look forward to learning more about your furry family member.