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Puppy Classes Deerfield

Puppy Classes Deerfield

We all enjoy a well-behaved pup, one that doesn’t bark when the doorbell rings, jump on visitors when they walk through the door or pull on the leash when out for a walk. At Happy Pup Manor, we can curb those behaviors and more. Dubbed as the Doodle House, the Manor is the go-to place to enroll your doodle, retriever, or small-breed pup in puppy classes near Deerfield. If you’re interested in bringing out the best in your puppy, get in touch with Happy Pup Manor to discuss your training needs!

World-Class Puppy Classes Near Deerfield

When your puppy comes to stay at the Manor for puppy classes near Deerfield, they are treated as a member of our family. They sleep, eat, and train amongst other like-tempered pups in our 5,000 square foot home and have ample playtime in our 5-acre, fenced-in yard. Being in a space that is similar to their home, combined with one-on-one and group training, your puppy will be fully emersed and breed-specific training practices crafted to deliver the best results. 

Since training is not a one-size-fits-all process, we have various puppy classes near Deerfield designed with your training goals in mind. Our training programs vary in length, depending on the age of your puppy and the reason they are in training, and consist of the following:

  • Obedience and Manners Training: Through our puppy classes near Deerfield, we help your pup build a solid behavioral foundation that sets them up for a lifetime of good conduct.
  • Service Training: Doodles and retrievers make excellent service pups due to their gentle temperament and ability to learn and adapt quickly. At Happy Pup Manor, your puppy will go through a series of puppy classes that prepare them for the assessments they will need to pass to be certified as a service pup.
  • Emotional Support Training: Emotional support pup’s role is to give their owner comfort and support in times of need. Our trainers provide temperament evaluation in addition to our training to ensure your puppy is a good fit to become an emotional support animal.
  • Therapy Training: Therapy pups work primarily with hospital patients, nursing home residents, and students, providing comfort and support. We specially train therapy pups to tolerate petting, loud screaming, erratic movements, and more that they are likely to encounter with the individuals they meet.

Puppy Training Reimagined

For your puppy to learn to the best of their ability, structure is a must. At Happy Pup Manor, we have obedience training explicitly designed to deliver that needed order. All pups that partake in our training programs are provided with one hour of individualized training each day, with the rest of the day being filled with group training, playtime, and plenty of snuggles. Since your pup is trained in our home, they continually have commands and behaviors reinforced in a homely environment. From enticing smells to pottying and playing in the backyard, it’s almost like your pippy is at home. 

Discuss Your Training Needs Today!

If you’re ready to transform your puppy’s behavior, please contact our lead trainer Gabby. She is always happy to discuss your pup and assist in setting a training plan up for them.