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Puppy Classes Barrington

Adding a new member to the family is nothing short of exciting, especially when the new family member has four legs. If you’re the proud new parent of a pup, you may be feeling obsessed with the cuteness of the cuddles and the squishy faces, the floppiness and the softness of their fur.

But new puppy owners have something else to wrangle with in addition to all of that puppy love: training. Pups who are poorly trained may chew, jump, bite, bark, and have accidents in the house—something that no new pet owner wants. To help your new fluffy friend learn some manners, puppy classes, Barrington, are available. To learn more about our Barrington puppy classes, call Happy Pup Manor directly today.

Our Puppy Training Programs

We know that no two pups, nor their owners, are exactly the same. That’s why we offer a variety of different puppy training programs to meet your needs. Types of puppy training programs that we offer include:

  • 10-day training program. The 10-day training program is ideal for pups under age three (years). This is a foundational program—your pup won’t emerge having the skill they need for a lifetime of good behavior, but they will know the basics. You’ll need to keep working with them to really instill the behaviors that you want to see long-term.
  • Four-week training program. The four-week training program is ideal for those who are hoping to have a really well-behaved puppy for life. Four weeks of training is also recommended as a primer to therapy or service dog training.
  • Eight-week training program. The eight-week training program is great for young puppies. Puppies will stay at Happy Pup Manor during the duration of the house-training period, and will emerge from our program with a lifetime of good behavior. 

What Will My Puppy Learn During Training?

Your puppy will learn multiple skills and develop good behavior when training at Happy Pup Manor—the breadth of those skills and behaviors will depend on the length of the training program selected. With that in mind, most pups emerge from our puppy classes learning the following:

  • Not to jump or bark when meeting new people (no matter how exciting it is!);
  • Not to “counter surf”—that is, jumping on the counter to look for food and other goodies;
  • To sit, stay, come, leave it, and lie down on command;
  • To walk on a leash appropriately; and
  • To not have accidents in the house. 

During training, we provide one hour of individual training per day, plus group training and plenty of supervised playtime.

Sign Up for Puppy Classes, Barrington, Today

If you have a new puppy, investing in training while they’re young may be one of the best things that you do. Without training, especially at a young age, you may quickly learn that a pup is more work than you bargained for. Fortunately, training can correct or mitigate bad behavior before it starts and lead to a lifetime of good behavior. To learn more about puppy classes, Barrington, from Happy Pup Manor and how to enroll your new pup today, call us directly or send us a message online. We look forward to working with you!