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Luxury Puppy Training Near Lincoln Park 

Luxury Puppy Training Near Lincoln Park

Getting a new puppy is one of the most wonderful experiences. Puppies are cute, cuddly bundles of joy that can leave your whole family smiling. But puppies can also be a cause of stress and frustration when the proper preparations aren’t made and puppies aren’t properly trained. At Happy Pup Manor, we offer luxury puppy training near Lincoln Park that gets results. To learn more about our puppy training programs and how to enroll your puppy, call our team today.

Our Puppy Training Programs

At Happy Pup Manor, we offer puppy training, therapy dog training, and emotional support dog training. Our puppy training programs are offered in the following time blocks:

  • 10 days. Our 10-day program is the perfect foundational program for puppy parents who want their pups to learn the basics—commands like sit, stay, come, leave it, and place, as well as housetraining and crate training. While this program will teach the basics, we strongly recommend continuing training at home to reinforce newly learned behaviors for optimal results. 
  • Four weeks. If you really want to see results that will last a lifetime, a four-week program is ideal. Your puppy will learn all of the basic commands listed above, as well as good behaviors and manners. This month-long program provides enough time for behaviors to be reinforced.
  • Eight weeks. If you’re thinking about enrolling your puppy in one of our other training programs in the future, the eight-week training program is a great option. 

Training at Our Luxury Manor

When you choose puppy training at Happy Pup Manor, you’ll have peace of mind that your pup is getting the best in terms of accommodations and care. Our manor offers over 5,000 square feet of indoor exploration space and five fenced acres of yard for playing. Our trainers are also extremely attentive and caring and will make sure that in addition to quality training, your pup also receives love and affection while they’re in our care. 

Why You Should Invest in Puppy Training

Investing in puppy training is something that can leave both you and your puppy feeling more comfortable and happy with one another. Believe it or not, pups actually enjoy the stimulation of training—it’s good for them! And it’s good for you, too—having a well-trained pup means not having to fret about things like accidents in the home, chewed personal items, or things like jumping or running away off-leash. 

Call Happy Pup Manor Today

If you have been thinking about luxury puppy training near Lincoln Park, look no further than Happy Pup Manor. Our team is passionate about providing quality care for your pup and will make sure we keep you up to date on their progress and experience while at our manor. To learn more about our training programs or how to enroll, please call us directly or send us a message using the contact form on our website.