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Luxury Puppy Training Near Chicago

Luxury Puppy Training Near Chicago

When you think of puppy training, you likely don’t think of a luxurious experience. But, as a special member of your family, your pup deserves the best of the best. That’s why Happy Pup Manor offers luxury puppy training near Chicago for doodles, retrievers, and a selection of smaller breeds. We believe every experience your pup has should be phenomenal, which is why we have opened our home to your pup. From comfortable sleeping quarters to snuggle time with our trainers, your puppy will have the experience of their life! Contact us today to discuss our luxurious training programs!

Our Luxury Training Experience

When you sign your puppy up for Happy Pup Manor’s luxury puppy training near Chicago, you can expect them to be treated like a part of our family. Each pup that stays at the Manor receives the royal treatment and access to all of our 5-star amenities. Your pup will have so much fun that they’ll be begging to come back when you’re away on your next family vacation! All pups who stay with us have the option to experience:

  • Supervised access to our 5-acre yard and 5,000 sq foot home
  • Complimentary chauffeur service to and from the Manor
  • Tons of playtime with our other puppy guests!

It’s more than just fun and games at Happy Pup Manor, though. When your puppy is trained at the Manor, they go through expert training to build a solid foundation for a life full of love and excellent behavior. Our training program consists of a variety of aspects, including:

  • Intimate home-based training, which allows your puppy to learn in an environment similar to their own home. Training in our home allows pups to train amongst distracting scents, knocks at the door, and other typical daily home elements. Pups get the full home experience, from playing in the yard with our other furry friends to snuggling on the couch with humans. Plus, our home-based training allows for continuous reinforcement of what your puppy is learning, meaning what they learn with us can easily be transferred to your own home.
  • Selective breed training, including doodles, retrieves, and a selection of small breeds, allows our trainers to specialize in their training and care methods. Since pups of these breeds all have similar temperaments, they can be trained in a similar fashion. This allows your pup to socialize with furry friends that are just like them! 
  • Different program lengths that are tailored to your training goals. We offer a general training program of 10-days, which gives your pup a great foundation of skills, to a longer, 8-week program where pups learn most of their housetraining with us. 
  • Training for therapy pups can be done at Happy Pup Manor, as well as foundational work for those looking to begin service dog training. 

Call Happy Pup Manor for Luxury Puppy Training Near Chicago!

Your puppy deserves the best of everything in life. That’s why Happy Pup Manor offers luxury puppy training near Chicago! When your pup comes to stay with our team, you can expect the best treatment and award-winning training. While we have set program lengths in place, you can discuss your training goals and needs with Gabby to create a specialized length that works for you.