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Luxury Dog Boarding Near Me

Luxury Dog Boarding Near Me

If you’re heading out of town and need a safe and comfortable place for your pooch to stay while you’re away, look no further than our manor for luxury dog boarding near me. At Happy Pup Manor, we provide a superb pup hotel with plenty of amenities that both you and your pup will feel good about. To learn more about our services for luxury dog boarding and how to get started, reach out to us directly today. 

What You’ll Love About the Dog Boarding Experience at Happy Pup Manor

When you choose Happy Pup Manor as your dog hotel of choice, we know that you’ll be thrilled by the convenience and peace of mind that it offers. In addition to the happiness you’ll experience at knowing your pup is well-cared for, we also take the hassle out of the logistics of planning for dog care for your vacation by:

  • Picking your pup up at your home when it’s time for them to come to our hotel
  • Offering a complimentary bath and blowdry to your pup so they always return home fresh and clean
  • Dropping your pup off back at your home once you’ve returned from vacation

We also make things easy by being able to accommodate a variety of diets, including a raw diet, and provide your pup with any medication that they’re on while at our manor. 

What Your Pup Will Love About Staying with Us

If you think you’ll love the fact that your pup is staying with us, wait until you see your puppy’s reaction! Our manor is complete with:

  • 5,000 square feet of indoor space within the manor that dogs can roam and explore
  • Five acres of fenced yard that are open for playing, running, and discovery
  • Lots of scheduled playtime with other visitors to the manor, scheduled meal times, individual sleeping and eating areas, and cuddles and affection from our staff 

Important Things to Know About Luxury Dog Boarding with Us

Before you bring your pup to us, there are a few important things to know about our dog hotel and our services:

  • We only board doodles and retrievers. Working with similar breeds helps us to understand dogs’ temperaments and provide the best possible services.
  • We have a three-night minimum stay for boarding services; during the holidays, this increases to an eight-night minimum stay.
  • All dogs need to be current on their vaccination status in order to stay with us.
  • You will need to provide your puppy’s food.
  • We provide everything else your dog will need during their stay, including crates, dishes, bedding, towels, etc.
  • We can offer additional services for pups staying with us, including training. 

Make Your Reservation Today

To learn more about reserving a spot at our dog hotel for luxury dog boarding near me, reach out to Happy Pup Manor directly or send us a message online with any additional questions that you have. We are passionate about the pups we serve and love what we do! Make your reservation today.