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Luxury Dog Boarding Chicagoland

Luxury Dog Boarding Chicagoland

If you’re planning a vacation anytime soon, it’s likely that you’ve also thought about accommodations for your dog while you’re away. When family dog sitters aren’t available, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. Bringing your pup along for the journey isn’t always a good idea, so finding a trustworthy boarding facility is essential to making sure that your furry friend is comfortable while you’re on your trip. Happy Pup Manor’s luxury dog boarding takes it one step further, with everything from chauffeur services to 5-acres of outdoor playspace for your pup to enjoy. Our Chicagoland dog hotel will let your dog live in luxury, so you can enjoy your vacation knowing that your dog is staying safe and happy.

Benefits of Boarding Your Pup

Boarding your dog while you’re away may be new for them, but there are many benefits to doing so. Boarding at Happy Pup Manor provides plenty of opportunities for socialization with other dogs and space to exercise outdoors; not only is this good for them, it’s fun! By choosing boarding, you also know that your pup will be watched by professionals who know how to work with dogs and can give them the special attention that they need. 

Accommodations at Happy Pup Manor

While boarding in general, can be a practical option for many pet owners, the accommodations at Happy Pup Manor are what set it apart from the rest. We offer a home-based boarding experience where our team can supervise dogs at play and provide personalized attention. Pups can play inside or out.

Preparing For Your Dog’s Stay

Boarding at Happy Pup Manor is simple, but there are still a few things that you may need to do before it comes time for us to pick up your pup for their stay. Start by making sure that your dog has their immunization records together; you will need to upload them when you book a reservation. If your dog has particular needs like medication to take, you may wish to discuss those needs with us ahead of time. Packing those medications, along with any favorite toys, will help keep your pup comfortable until you get back.

Making a Reservation With Happy Pup Manor

When you are going on vacation, it’s important to have safe and comfortable accommodations for your dog while you’re away. Happy Pup Manor’s luxury dog boarding is a great way for pet owners in the Chicagoland area to get away without needing to feel guilty about leaving your pup at home. Our accommodations provide ample opportunity for your dog to play and socialize with other furry friends throughout their stay. 

Happy Pup Manor makes boarding simple. When you’re ready to set out on your trip, we’ll even take care of the pick-up with our complimentary chauffeur service. Contact us today to learn more about our accommodations or to inquire about your pup’s boarding needs. Our team is happy to answer your questions.