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Long Grove Puppy Training

Long Grove Puppy Training

If you just welcomed a new four-legged family member into your life, you’re in for a lot of joy and fun. But you’re also in for a decent amount of work–puppies require a lot of attention, time, and training to ensure that they know to go to the bathroom outside, not to jump or bite, and how to follow your basic commands, like come and stay. At Happy Pup Manor, we started out offering the best Long Grove puppy training, focusing on breeds like doodles, retrievers, and smaller dogs. We’ve since moved to Barrington, but continue to stay in touch with our Long Grove pack through our boarding programs. If you know that your new pup would benefit from some behavior training, reach out to our local training experts today.

Our Training Programs 

Our Long Grove clients have the option of choosing between three different lengths of training programs: 10 days, four weeks, eight weeks, or longer if desired. How much training your puppy needs depends on a number of factors, including their behavior and what’s right for your family and your schedule. We do not offer training programs that are shorter than 10 days unless you are a returning customer whose pup has been trained by us before.

What Your Pup Will Learn

We specialize in making sure that pups have all of the basics down, including fundamental commands like sit, down, stay, come, and place. We test these behaviors with distractions to ensure they are solid.  We also want to make sure that your pup returns home to you with some good manners dialed in, such as not barking or biting, no counter surfing, and politely walking on a leash. If there is something specific that you’d like your pup to learn or a specific problem behavior that you’re trying to correct, please let us know.

Our Training Philosophy at Happy Pup Manor

Our training philosophy focuses primarily on positive reinforcement with some corrections when necessary. We never use shock collars, and take a personalized, customized approach to each four-legged creature we work with. Our specialization in certain breeds allows us to customize our training approach for each of their unique personalities.

We want to make sure that your pup has a great time and feels comfortable at Happy Pup Manor, too. That’s why in addition to training, your pup will get lots of love and attention, as well as plenty of playtime. When training’s not in session, pups have access to five acres of yard to play in, as well as 5,000 square feet of indoor space on the first level of our home.

Training Programs Available for Service, Therapy, and Emotional Support Dogs

Because of their intelligence and temperament, doodles make excellent therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support dogs. We are proud to offer training programs for your pup in each of these unique roles. Please contact us directly for details on each offering.

Learn More About Our Long Grove Puppy Training Today

For your convenience, we also offer complimentary chauffeur services to keep things simple. We know that the experience is about adding convenience and comfort to your life–we want to be part of that.

At Happy Pup Manor, we get results and have a great reputation and dozens of positive customer testimonials. To learn more about our Long Grove puppy training and how we can serve you, call today to talk directly with Gabby, our Owner and Head Trainer, or send us a message. Site visits are by appointment only.