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From one-on-one personalized training to plenty of play and socialization time, Happy Pup Manor’s dog training near Long Grove is the place to be. Our award-winning trainers have the experience and dedication your pup needs to be successful in their education. Whether you’re looking to instill good behaviors such as no barking or jumping or need something a little more intensive, the Manor has a program for you. Call Gabby today to discuss dog training near Long Grove and discover what our team can do for your family.

Specialized Training to Meet Every Goal

You have training goals; we’re here to help your reach them. Our training programs range in duration, from anywhere as short as 10 days to 16 weeks or longer, depending on the situation and training goals. Our basic dog training near Long Grove covers standard obedience and manners training, helping pups embrace their well-behaved side. When your puppy stays at the Manor, they will receive training in our family home, meaning they train around everyday temptations such as visitors at the door, delicious smells in the kitchen, and regular lifestyle routines.

At Happy Pup Manor, dog training near Long Grove is about more than a well-behaved and polite pup. We know that many individuals find comfort in their pups, and some rely solely on their puppies to complete tasks they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. That’s why we offer specialized programs that cater to every training goal. Whether you’re interested in raising a pup to help provide comfort for others or desire a companion who can comfort you, Gabby and her team can help.

  • Emotional Support Animal Training: ESAs, or emotional support animals, have the vital job of providing comfort to their person and require a specific level of obedience and the right temperament to be successful in their role. Our team can help you select the puppy that best suits your goals and lifestyle. At eight weeks old, your pup will come to stay at the Manor for four weeks of obedience training. In addition to basic obedience and manners training, your pup will learn specialized emotional support behaviors, such as pressure therapy, cuddles on command, and hugs. 
  • Service Dog Training: While every pup plays a prominent role in their owners’ lives, service dogs have one of the most critical jobs. Service dogs help provide their human a fuller, more independent lifestyle by performing tasks they wouldn’t be able to complete on their own. Service dog training near Long Grove is one of the most intense programs we offer, starting with a 28-day obedience program if needed, then moving on to an 8-12 week custom-tailored program that will cover all of the required task sets. We ensure that your pup is prepared for the required evaluations and tests to become an accredited service dog.
  • Therapy Dog Training: A therapy dog is similar to an emotional support pup, except that their job is to provide comfort for others outside of their owner. Therapy dogs are typically found in hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, providing comfort and positive socialization to those that need it most. Our therapy dog training near Long Grove consists of eight full weeks of training. We emphasize high levels of obedience and work with your pup to become comfortable with excessive grooming, petting, and attention during this time. 

Reserve Your Pup’s Dog Training near Long Grove Today!

Let Gabby and her training team at Happy Pup Manor transform your puppy into the well-behaved angel we know they are. We offer tailored dog training near Long Grove to help with any situation. Give us a call to discuss your pup’s specific needs, and we will work our magic.