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Long Grove Dog Kenneling Service

Long Grove Dog Kenneling Service

Finding a reliable Long Grove dog kenneling service is crucial for the well-being of your canine companions. A trustworthy service ensures your pet is not only housed properly but also receives the necessary care, attention, and exercise in your absence. This allows you to travel or fulfill other commitments with peace of mind, knowing your dog is in safe and capable hands. 

Happy Pup Manor is the perfect sanctuary for your beloved four-legged friends. Offering an unparalleled luxury training and boarding experience, this exquisite abode ensures a delightful stay for your pet.

A Haven for Your Canine Companions

The manor stretches across a vast 5-acre yard, secured by a 6 ft fence, providing ample room for your canine companions to frolic freely. Enclosed within the heart of this lush green space is a homely environment that caters to each pup’s individual needs. From personal attention to private sleeping and eating spaces, every detail gets meticulously planned for our furry guests.

In the sprawling 6,500 sq ft home residing on multiple floors, supervised playtime unfolds. Here, your dogs can engage in interactive games, stimulating their minds while ensuring they remain physically active. A nutritious, tailored meal plan complements this routine, keeping them nourished and energized throughout the day.

To further elevate the convenience, complimentary chauffeur services are made available for hassle-free pick-up and drop-off. This commitment to providing an all-rounded service sets Happy Pup Manor apart from the rest, making it the go-to destination for reliable and trustworthy boarding services.

Training Programs

Distinguished for specializing in training Doodles, Retrievers, and smaller breeds, Happy Pup Manor also offers diverse training programs ranging from 10 days to 16 weeks. These comprehensive programs encompass obedience commands, manners, housetraining, leash walking, crate training, and more. Our experienced trainers, armed with a passion for excellent canine care and training, are dedicated to nurturing your pups into well-behaved companions. 

With a strong emphasis on reinforcing positive behavior, our training methods focus on building a strong bond between the dog and the owner. This allows for an effective transfer of skills learned at the manor to your home environment, resulting in harmony and enhanced communication between you and your furry friend.

Tailored Care for Your Beloved Dogs

At Happy Pup Manor, we understand that each dog is unique with their own set of needs and personalities. Therefore, we strive to provide individualized attention and care for every guest, ensuring they feel comfortable, loved, and at home during their stay with us.

The state-of-the-art amenities, coupled with a stress-free boarding experience, make it a favorite amongst pet owners. With the well-being and happiness of each dog as the utmost priority, the manor ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for every furry guest. 

Book Your Dog’s Stay

Experience the exceptional care and training at Happy Pup Manor. We welcome you to learn more about our services and make a reservation for your pup’s next stay at our Long Grove dog kenneling service. Rest assured, your pet will receive the best care possible, creating a home away from home experience that is truly unmatched.