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Lincoln Park Puppy Boarding

Lincoln Park Puppy Boarding

Are you heading out of town and want only the best care for your fur baby? Look no further than Lincoln Park puppy boarding at Happy Pup Manor. Our certified professionals are devoted to providing your cherished canine with an unmatched luxury boarding and training experience.

Why Choose Us?

Exclusive Focus on Doodles & Retrievers

At Lincoln Park Puppy Boarding, we aren’t just dog lovers; we’re Doodle and Retriever specialists. Our deep understanding of these breeds isn’t just a passion—it’s our way of life.

Personalized Training Programs

Whether your pup is playful or poised for service, we cater to their unique personality and development needs. Choose from our training programs, including our popular 10-day foundation course or the comprehensive 8-week housetraining and behavior shaping program.

All-Inclusive Home-Based Boarding

When your furry friend steps paws into Happy Pup Manor, they’re engulfed in warmth from the cozy, home-based environment we’ve curated. Unlike traditional kennels, our pups are pampered with the comfort and familiarity only a home setting can provide. Happy Pup Manor spans over 6,000 square feet, giving your four-legged family member plenty of room to discover new adventures, partake in one-on-one sessions with our affectionate trainers, or simply indulge in some cuddle time.

Acres of Adventure

Happy Pup Manor is also home to 30 acres of lush outdoor play space encapsulated within four securely fenced dog parks. We understand the vitality of outdoor play, so we’ve designed our “…backyard” to be a canine paradise—replete with sprawling natural grass and freedom to dash, play fetch, or bask in the sun’s glow. Our boutique approach is intentional to maintain an ideal number of frolicking friends—enough for fun but never overcrowded, allowing your pup to feel safe and never overwhelmed in a serene sanctuary surrounded by their doodle and retriever peers. Each pup also receives a daily hour of individual attention to ensure they get the dedicated care they deserve.

All-Inclusive, Stress-Free Experience

Our Lincoln Park puppy boarding includes a complimentary chauffeur service within the Chicagoland area, taking the stress out of your logistics. Boarding costs $82 per night, an invaluable investment in your puppy’s well-being and your peace of mind.

They’re More Than Guests; They’re Family

Happy Pup Manor isn’t just a boarding facility; it’s a nurturing home where your pup will be treated as a treasured member of our pack. They’ll form lasting bonds with dedicated trainers who provide both affection and structure.

Get Started

Are you ready to give your beloved furry friend the ultimate boarding and training experience they deserve? Look no further! Contact us today to learn more about our exceptional services, schedule a visit to our state-of-the-art facility, or register your pup for their exclusive and luxurious Lincoln Park puppy boarding experience. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to ensure that your four-legged companion receives the highest level of care and attention, making their stay with us truly unforgettable.