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Highland Park Puppy Boarding 

Highland Park Puppy Boarding

If you’re the proud new owner of a new four-legged creature, you may be overwhelmed with joy, excitement, love, and, well—a little bit of exhaustion. Getting a new puppy is a lot of work, and requires time, attention, patience, love, and resources. One resource that can be a huge source of support that lasts a lifetime is puppy boarding. At Happy Pup Manor, we offer Highland Park puppy boarding that is tailored to the needs of both you and your pup. If you have a trip planned and need a sitter you can count on, call our team for puppy boarding today. 

Why Your Pup Will Love Our Highland Park Manor

We guarantee that your pup will have a great time when they stay at our manor. Reasons why they’ll love their vacation with us include:

  • Lots of space to play and run. Our manor is set on a fenced, five-acre lot that offers endless opportunities to explore, run, and play with the other pups that are staying with us. Our manor is also dog-friendly and features over 5,000 square feet of space to explore. What pup wouldn’t love this?
  • Comfortable, home-based experience. We want your dog to be comfortable when they stay with us, which is why in addition to all of the great amenities we offer, we also seek to provide a home-based experience where our trainers are available to provide love and attention. 

What You Should Know About Boarding Your Puppy with Us

Not only will your pup love staying with us, but we think you’ll love our services too. Here are a few things to know when boarding your puppy with us—

  • We only work with certain breeds. We primarily work with retriever and doodle breeds. By specializing in these breeds, we are able to offer attention, training, and supervision that works. 
  • We offer pick-up and drop-off services. As part of our boarding fees, we offer a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service. 
  • Your pup will always return home clean. Included in the price is a complimentary grooming. Before we bring your pup back home, we’ll make sure they look and smell great! 
  • There’s a three-night minimum stay. One important thing to know is that during our off-season, there is a three-night minimum stay. During the holiday season, the three-night minimum increases to an eight-night minimum. Boarding is $82 per night. 

Make Your Puppy Boarding Reservation Today

If you’re headed out of town and want an easy solution to finding a caretaker for your puppy, call Happy Pup Manor today. Our Highland Park puppy boarding is reliable and easy. Reach us by phone or online to make a reservation.